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Pedestrians and bicyclists can be at risk on Florida streets

One of the many advantages of life in Southern Florida is being able to bicycle, walk and skate all year long. For some people, these activities provide fun and exercise. For others, they are an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly way to get around town.

However, people who get around on bikes, skates and by foot often have to share the streets with car and truck drivers as well as motorcyclists. That can be a recipe for danger. In fact, the rate of pedestrian fatalities in our state is one of country’s highest, according to the Florida Department of Transportation.

If a pedestrian, bicyclist or skater is fortunate enough to survive being hit by a vehicle, the injuries can be severe, and recuperation can be lengthy and expensive. Some victims are unable to work for an extended period of time and may be permanently disabled.

In many cases, the driver of the vehicle is at fault in these collisions between people and vehicles. Some drivers fail to yield to people in crosswalks or bike lanes. Others drive too fast to stop in time to avoid a collision. Sometimes a driver is distracted and doesn’t notice the bicyclist or pedestrian.

These at-fault drivers, in addition to potentially facing criminal charges, can and should be held responsible in civil court. Some accidents may be a matter of “he said/she said” or have conflicting witness accounts. However, our firm uses state-of-the-art techniques like animation and computer graphics to demonstrate how the driver of the vehicle was responsible for a pedestrian or bicycle accident.

We work to help victims get the compensation they need to recover from their injuries, to get the long-term treatment they need and to help support them while they are unable to work. We may also seek other damages such as pain and suffering. For those who have lost a loved one in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, we realize that no amount of money can bring back that person. However, they may be able to seek compensation for medical care, burial costs, loss of income and other damages.

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