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Everyone makes mistakes — even doctors. But when a doctor makes mistakes, the results can cause serious harm and even death.

Doctor errors are common, and medical malpractice is actually one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Many doctor errors are minor, but if one causes you to suffer harm, then you need to understand your legal rights.

The bar for medical malpractice is high, so what constitutes a doctor error? Generally, two main elements apply. First, your doctor failed to meet the standard of care. Second, you suffered harm and damages due to the poor care.

These are general guidelines, though, and every case is different. If you have been harmed by your doctor, contact Freidin Brown, P.A. today. Our Fort Lauderdale doctor error lawyers will assess your case and determine if medical malpractice is involved.

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Top Doctor Errors

Medical professionals can make a variety of mistakes while caring for a patient. Some common doctor errors include:

  • When there is a lack of communication between a doctor and a patient, or the patient does not quite understand what the doctor has written or said, it can lead to delayed treatment and other issues.
  • Not given adequate information. Unfortunately, doctors do not always take the time to ensure patients are well-informed about their medical condition. In many cases, patients are unaware of what medications they should be taking or even what disease they have.
  • Medication errors. Many mistakes happen because a patient is given a wrong dose of a medicine or possibly the wrong medication altogether. Medication errors account for more than 7,000 deaths in the United States every year.
  • Believe it or not, misdiagnosis is a serious issue. It can cause a patient to receive the wrong treatment, causing their medical condition to worsen and possibly lead to death.
  • Delayed diagnosis. A delayed diagnosis can be just as bad as a misdiagnosis. Depending on how long the diagnosis is delayed, the patient’s disease can progress and worsen to a point where there is no effective treatment.
  • Inadequate staffing. Staffing issues are common in nursing homes, but hospitals are not immune to them. When there aren’t enough nurses and doctors to treat patients, patients get ignored. They do not receive proper care because those who are working are overwhelmed with work. This can lead to serious injuries and medical conditions.
  • Faulty equipment. If equipment in the doctor’s office or hospital is not working properly, it could produce errors with lab results and readings. This could make a person appear to be healthy when they are actually sick.

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If your doctor has made an error that has affected your life, it could be medical malpractice. Make sure you get appropriate legal help

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