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Tampa Hospital Error Lawyer

Despite their training and professionalism, doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiologists, and other medical professionals make mistakes. And these mistakes often lead to debilitating injuries, prolonged illness, unnecessary pain and suffering, and even death. If you or a loved one were harmed due to another party’s negligence, we encourage you to consider your legal options carefully. By taking legal action against the hospital, you may be able to recover considerable compensation for your damages. The Tampa hospital error lawyer at Freidin Brown, P.A. can help you get started by answering any questions you may have about this process.

Six of The Most Common Hospital Medical Malpractice Claims

  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis—A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can spell disaster for a cancer patient, heart attack victim, or person suffering from a stroke.
  • Medication Errors—Whether a doctor prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dose, the medication was administered improperly by a nurse, or a pharmacist made an error with a prescription, medication errors can lead to serious harm.
  • Treating the Wrong Patient—Carelessness, improper record keeping, and overworked nursing staff can not only lead to a patient receiving the wrong care, but receiving another patient’s treatment. Treating the wrong patient for an illness or injury they do not have has obvious severe consequences.
  • Infections—Hospitals are responsible for keeping a clean, sterile, and safe environment for all patients and guests. However, the likelihood of a patient picking up a dangerous infection is relatively high in hospitals, particularly when the patient’s immune system is already compromised.
  • Early Discharge—Early discharge can lead to readmission. Often, the patient’s condition will end up being more severe if they have to return to the hospital a few days after they left.
  • Falls—Falls, particularly among the elderly, are one of the leading causes of medical malpractice in hospitals. Patients who are at risk of falls may require beds with side rails, assistance from nurses getting to the toilet, and supervision during sedation to ensure they do not attempt to get up out of bed by themselves.

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Possible Defendants in a Tampa Hospital Error Malpractice Claim

  • The hospital itself
  • Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Radiologists
  • Physician assistants
  • Other caregivers
  • Drug manufacturers
  • Medical device manufacturers

Call a Tampa Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Today

Hospitals and medical care providers have a duty to provide a high standard of care. When this duty is breached and a patient is harmed, they or their surviving loved ones have the right to seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages. Tragically, medical errors made in hospitals are a leading cause of death in the United States. If a loved one passed away, you have the right to seek loss of consortium, emotional distress damages, funeral and burial costs, loss of lifetime earnings, and more. To get started with a medical malpractice claim today, call the Tampa hospital error lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. at 888-677-7764 to schedule a free consultation.

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