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From administering medication, checking on patients just out of surgery, and simply keeping a patient company when they are feeling low, nurses have seemingly countless responsibilities. They are what makes a hospital function. Without them, receiving quality care at any healthcare center simply would not be possible. But when a nurse fails in their duties to provide care, the consequences can be dire. Something as simple as forgetting to turn on a bed alarm for a patient at risk of falling can lead to a fractured hip; programming an IV pump incorrectly can result in an overdose; not spending enough time cleaning and dressing a patient’s open wounds is how deadly infections take root. If you were harmed due to a nurse’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your damages, and the Tampa nursing error lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. can help you accomplish this.

The Top Nursing Error Malpractice Claims

  • Failing to call a physician for assistance when necessary
  • Failing to prevent a patient from falling
  • Failing to monitor a patient’s vital signs
  • Not dressing or cleaning wounds promptly
  • Failure to wash hands, use sterile equipment, or otherwise spread infection
  • Failing to respond to a patient in time
  • Failing to administer medication correctly
  • Dropping the patient during a move
  • Using medical equipment improperly
  • Failing to record information about a patient’s condition
  • Failing to update a patient’s chart with changes
  • Making errors on a patient’s chart
  • Failing to accurately record a patient’s condition in their chart
  • Not feeding a patient or providing water
  • Not noticing obvious signs of distress or a significant change in the patient’s condition
  • Intentionally causing harm to a patient

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Nurses Are Intentionally Overworked and Understaffed to Make Hospitals More Profitable

There has been a nursing shortage in the United States long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals have intentionally been short staffing nurses in order to save money and increase profits, all the while decreasing the quality of care that hospital patients receive. Nurses are overworked, face harassment and physical violence from patients, and are prone to burnout at quick rates. However, these are not excuses that are admissible. If you were harmed due to negligence, you have the right to file a claim or lawsuit against the hospital. But in order to win a settlement or lawsuit verdict, you must prove that a nurse’s negligent actions lead to your injury or illness, and this can be much harder done than said.

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Nursing errors can lead to prolonged illness, serious injury, and long term disability. Our Tampa nursing error lawyer gathers medical records, consults with expert witnesses, and pours through hospital policies to build an unbeatable case for our clients. We stop at nothing to ensure that your medical expenses, lost income, emotional distress, loss of joy of life, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages are fairly accounted for. Call the Tampa law offices of Freidin Brown, P.A., today at 888-677-7764 to schedule a free consultation.

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