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Top Hospital Errors Revealed In Leapfrog Safety Report Fall 2022

Top Hospital Errors Revealed In Leapfrog Safety Report Fall 2022

A national watchdog group that focuses on patient safety in health care recently issued its findings on the performance of hospitals across the US, and the news is good for Florida. The Leapfrog Group released its Hospital Safety Grade Report for Fall 2022, revealing that the state falls in the Top 10 for the highest number of facilities that earned an “A” for patient safety. Plus, there are encouraging developments in the area of infection after a disturbing rise in previous years. MRSA, infections in central lines, and C. diff infections all decreased.

Still, the news is not all good. Almost one-third of Florida’s 183 hospitals and health care facilities earned a “C” or “D” grade, indicating that patients are still at risk of harm. You may have legal remedies if you or a loved one was hurt, and a Miami hospital errors attorney can explain your rights. Some background on the areas of concern is also useful.

 Common Mistakes Put Patients at Risk: The Leapfrog Group publishes its findings based upon the results of survey questions posed to hospitals, so each facility is in a position to self-report about its own experiences with patient safety. The Fall 2022 report reveals issues in several areas:

 Infection: While concerns about certain health care acquired infection (HAI) decreased, some facilities still have problems preventing others. Examples include infection in the blood and urinary tract, as well as infection after colon surgery.

Problems with Surgery: Instances of physicians leaving objects inside a patient have dropped, but hospitals face challenges with the surgical wound splitting open and fatalities from serious postoperative complications.

 Medication Administration: Hospitals gain points when they require physicians to order meds through computer technology that reduces mistakes. These same systems enhance patient safety through bar coding, where the nurse scans the medication and the patient’s ID to confirm accuracy. Hospital errors increase when these safeguards are not in place.

Falls: Lack of responsiveness is often to blame when patients suffer injury from falls, usually because there was no one to help them to the bathroom. These errors lead to longer hospitalization and additional medical care.

 Concerns About Communication: One issue that comes to the forefront when reviewing the top hospital errors is the role of communication. Interaction and engagement among hospital administration, physicians, nurses, and other staff, and including the patient in these conversations, affects safety across the board. A hospital could be accountable in various ways:

  • Failing to discuss medication use and purpose with the patient
  • Neglecting to provide sufficient information or answer questions about diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Not investing proper time to explain details for recovery at home when the patient is discharged

Contact a Florida Hospital Errors Lawyer to Discuss Legal Options

 If you believe you were harmed because a health care facility failed to meet the standard of care owed to patients, please contact Freidin Brown, P.A. to speak to a member of our team. We can schedule a complimentary case review at our offices in Miami or Fort Myers. A medical malpractice attorney can provide personalized advice after consulting with you.


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