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Category Archives: Nursing Home Abuse


Can Florida Nursing Homes Use Physical Restraints On Residents?

By Freidin Brown, P.A. |

Physical abuse in nursing homes is illegal and intolerable, but it is important to understand that misconduct can come in forms you may not expect. One of the most heartbreaking types of mistreatment is improper use of restraints, such as ties around the wrists or ankles. Florida law imposes very specific requirements for use… Read More »

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Are Florida Nursing Homes Doing Enough to Protect Patients and Staff from Coronavirus?

By Lara Dabdoub |

In a recently published article, it was indicated that 1,819 residents and employees at long-term care facilities throughout Florida have died after contracting Coronavirus. According to the article, this accounted for almost 53% of the Coronavirus deaths in the State of Florida. Hearing these statistics makes you question whether nursing homes and long-term care… Read More »

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Nursing Home Neglect

By Freidin Brown, P.A. |

I read recently in a prominent newspaper of a case filed against a nursing home chain for damage caused to a loved one due to neglect. The suit alleged the nursing home and chain were deliberately understaffing their facilities to save money and increase profits. This sort of conduct directly violates the terrific Florida… Read More »

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Florida Nursing Home

By Freidin Brown, P.A. |

We count on nursing homes and assisted living facilities to take care of our elderly or disabled loved ones, which is why abuse and neglect in these settings can be so disturbing. Unfortunately, various forms of misconduct are more widespread than you’d expect. Statistics from the National Center on Elder Abuse reveal that anywhere… Read More »

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