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Miami Surgery Complication Lawyer

Florida Surgical Error Lawyers

Every surgery has risks involved. Most people accept these risks as part of the process that will, hopefully, make them healthier. Unfortunately, sometimes complications arise after surgery that doctors and other healthcare professionals miss or do not treat properly, leading to serious injury, such as a post-surgery infection, and even death. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you should seek out an lawyer who can help you explore your options and who can inform you of your rights.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., our experienced team of Miami surgical complication lawyers are ready to assist you if you have been harmed because of a medical professional’s failure to diagnose complications after surgery. Our trial experience, knowledge of the law and skill when it comes to building a strong case set us apart in the state of Florida. Contact us today to schedule a FREE initial consultation. At Freidin Brown, P.A., if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Evaluating Your Claim

Not all complications that result from surgery merit medical malpractice or medical negligence. For instance, most post-surgery infections are common and treated effectively. However, sometimes there is a failure to monitor a post-surgery infection properly by medical staff and this infection causes complications that produce serious, permanent damage that could have been avoided if treated effectively earlier. Our medical malpractice lawyers are here to evaluate your claim and help you determine if a personal injury claim should be filed and what your next steps should be.

Together We WILL WIN
Together We WILL WIN

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Post-Surgery Complications

Our firm handles all types of medical malpractice cases that occur from complications after surgery as well, including:

  • Internal bleeding resulting from nicked organs and arteries
  • Unsuccessfully providing proper blood thinners or improperly administering blood thinners
  • Insufficient or incorrect discharge instructions were provided
  • Failure to adequately follow-up with a patient
  • Failing to advise a patient about the results of surgery such as an additional finding of malignant cancer
  • Bed sores or pressure ulcers resulting from insufficient care in the hospital during post-operative recovery
  • Post-surgery infections resulting in sepsis, organ damage, additional surgery, etc.

Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyers Helping You Build a Strong Case

Our team will work with you to gather evidence supporting your claim that the negligent medical personnel violated their duty of care. We prepare every case in the event that a trial is necessary, consulting, and retaining experts when necessary. We will also aggressively negotiate on your behalf to obtain a settlement that includes maximum compensation for your injuries or your loss in the event we must pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our Miami medical malpractice attorney is here to help you every step of the way, from assisting you with all the relevant insurance claims, to helping you get proper medical treatment, to representing you at trial. Our goals are to make sure you feel comfortable with the direction of your case and to meet your goals. We look forward to hearing from you.

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