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Miami Hospital Errors Lawyer

Victims of medical malpractice have hired Freidin Brown, P.A. for over forty years to hold hospitals liable for errors that caused fatal and non-fatal injuries. A hospital error can result in the need for additional treatment, lengthened hospital stays, and readmission after discharge. Dealing with physical and emotional stress is hard enough on you and your family, but you don’t have to do this all alone.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., our Miami hospital error lawyers are committed to improving patient safety in Florida hospitals. Backed by more than 100 years of combined experience, you can trust our medical malpractice lawyers to handle your Miami hospital error case. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling us or fill out a case evaluation form to get started immediately.

We Offer a Small-Firm Feel, But Don’t Spare Any Expense When Fighting for Your Financial Recovery

Our legal team offers a unique proposition. Our attorneys are committed to providing a personalized, small-firm-style legal experience. This means that we:

  • Encourage you to visit our offices in Miami whenever you want
  • Provide a direct line of communication to your attorney
  • Answer phone calls and emails as promptly as possible
  • Develop a legal strategy unique to your hospital negligence case

Our lawyers invest their time and attention in every case they handle. We’ll fight for the entire financial recovery you deserve, and our lawyers have the experience that every victim of medical malpractice should seek in their attorney.

Having practiced personal injury and medical malpractice law for over 50 years, attorney Phil Freidin takes a tenacious approach to getting justice for hospital negligence victims. We will hire experts, rally our legal resources, and fight for the entire recovery you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Is Our Primary Focus at Freidin Brown, P.A.

Our attorneys have more than a century of combined legal experience. Much of that experience involves medical malpractice cases, including hospital negligence cases.

Our willingness to use cutting-edge technology in settlement negotiations, along with our legal training and experience, has led to many large financial recoveries. Some notable case results include the following:

  • $38 million: Our team, led by attorney Phillip Freidin, won a verdict for clients whose twin children were born prematurely and suffered blindness as a consequence.
  • $12.7 million: We got this substantial recovery for a child who suffered a brain injury because of negligent medical care.
  • $9.75 million: We successfully sued a Miami hospital on behalf of a mother who suffered a stroke after a cesarean section delivery.

These are only three of the many case results we have secured for victims of hospital negligence and other types of medical malpractice in Miami. These results show that you can trust the experienced legal professionals at Freidin Brown, P.A. with your hospital negligence case.

Together We WILL WIN
Together We WILL WIN

Together We


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Common Medical Errors in Hospitals

Hospital negligence can take many forms. Some common medical errors that result in hospital-related injuries include:

  • Surgical errors. Many incidents and actions can fall under the category of surgical error. For example, medical staff may have performed the wrong procedure or left an item in your body after the surgery.
  • Failure to Diagnose and Treat a Condition. Doctors may fail to identify a problem, or they may not do so in a timely manner. Ths can mean that you don’t receive adequate care, and it can make your condition worse.
  • Understaffing. Whether there are not enough nurses on the patient floor or too few medical personnel staffing an emergency room, failing to provide enough competent medical professionals can lead to delays in treatment and emergency response times.
  • Infections. An infection you acquire in a hospital may include a central or arterial line infection, pneumonia, MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), urinary tract infection, or an infection at the site of a surgical procedure. The failure to timely recognize or treat an infection can have serious consequences for a patient.
  • Communication errors. Our firm understands the importance of communication. Hospital employees and contractors must understand the potentially life-saving value of strong communication. When the nurses fail to properly communicate with the doctors, patients like you suffer.

When a medical mistake or hospital error results in serious injury or death, you may file a negligence lawsuit against the hospital.

Our Hospital Error Lawyers Will Fight for What You Deserve

The cost of medical care is already a challenge for many Miami residents, but the cost of a hospital error can be devastating. That’s why our lawyers are determined to fight for compensation that will help ease your financial burden.

Our lawyers know that every case is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach at Freidin Brown, P.A. With our personalized approach, we make sure to review every case to determine what damages you can seek. For a hospital error case, we may seek compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including future expenses
  • Lost income and earning potential
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

While this is not a full list of your possible damages, our lawyers can fight for these and other losses. We know what it takes to hold hospitals liable for their negligence, and we will fight for you like we would for our own family members.

Contact Our Miami Hospital Error Lawyers for a Free Consultation

The lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. have a history of success on behalf of medical malpractice and hospital negligence clients throughout Florida. We offer a free initial consultation and we charge no upfront fees for the legal services we provide. In fact, you only pay if we are successful in securing a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Call Freidin Brown, P.A. today for your free consultation about hiring a Miami hospital negligence lawyer from our team.

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