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Attorney False Claims Act Case Referrals

Why We’re the Right Choice & What to Expect

While a lot of our business comes directly from whistleblowers contacting us, we also work with and acceptreferralsfrom lawyers who have been contacted by the whistleblowers themselves. Because whistleblower laws are nuanced and complicated, with potential land mines throughout the process, teaming up with the right set of lawyers can be the difference between recovering millions for your client and recovering nothing at all.

At Guttman Freidin & Celler, we are three law firms combined to provide the absolute best representation at every turn for whistleblowers. Our group consists of one of the top whistleblower firms in the country, a premier trial and medical malpractice firm in Florida, and one of the largest plaintiff employment firms in the Southeast. We joined forces not only because we enjoy working together, but because it allows us to provide the best possible counsel to whistleblowers throughout the state of Florida.

Sometimes other lawyers call us because they think their client may have a case under the False Claims Act or another whistleblower statute, but they are not sure about how to evaluate the case, investigate it, and put it together for government review and filing. Nor are they in a position to effectively protect their client and maximize the relator’s share.

In fact, many lawyers representing clients in their day-to-day practice don’t even realize that they may be sitting on a whistleblower case. We offer free and confidential consultations to attorneys as to whether a whistleblower or False Claims Act case can be brought.

  • If you are an attorney litigating medical malpractice cases and your client is a Medicare or Medicaid patient, contact us because there may be a claim under the False Claims Act.
  • If you are an attorney representing clients in the pharmaceutical industry, contact us to discuss the False Claims Act and how your clients might be able to blow the whistle.
  • If you are an attorney dealing with student loans or for-profit colleges, contact us to discuss the False Claims Act and what a potential case might look like.
  • If you are an attorney representing or suing nursing homes, doctors, or other medical providers, contact us to discuss the False Claims Act and other whistleblower laws.

Contact us today to set up a call with our team.

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