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Would Operating Room Cameras Help Prevent Hospital Negligence?

Medical patients must place a certain amount of trust in the professional doctors, nurses and other staff members who care for them during medical procedures. This is especially true if the medical patient is to be unconscious during any part of the procedure. Unfortunately, medical patients, including some in Florida, sometimes become injured or ill due to hospital negligence that has occurred during or after medical surgeries or other professional medical care.

New legislation has recently been proposed in another state in the aftermath of several cases, including that of the death of a young woman who had undergone breast augmentation surgery. The woman was given an overdose of propofol during her operation. Her brother stated that he was shocked when Florida state prosecutors chose not to file charges against the physician in the case. The doctor had not used an anesthesiologist to administer the drug, and his license to practice medicine was thereafter revoked.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, the woman’s brother felt inspired to lobby for a recording device to be installed in operating rooms so that a patient’s medical procedures can be captured on audio and video equipment. He said that he believes this would help protect patients and would provide needed evidence in cases where a medical malpractice claim has been filed. The new legislation was proposed in Wisconsin, where the woman’s brother has formed a national organization to support malpractice victims.

It has been reported that hospital and medical entities have already documented opposition to the bill. In the meantime, hospital negligence continues to be a problem for some medical patients in Florida and across the nation. One step that patients who have been injured or made ill during medical treatment or surgery can take is to discuss their cases with legal professionals who have experience with medical malpractice issues in order to determine what options are available and what actions may be appropriate.

Source: The Washington Post, “Case of doctor caught trashing man during surgery comes amid push for cameras in operating rooms“, Tom Jackman, June 24, 2015

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