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Woman Sues Hospital After She Accidentally Suffocated Newborn While Sleeping

Monica Thompson of Oregon is suing the Portland Adventist Medical Center for nearly $9 million, according to the lawsuit, after the hospital staff’s negligence led to the suffocation of her newborn son.

In early August 2012, Thompson fell asleep in the clinic with her newborn son cradled in her arms. An hour later, she awoke to find him smothered and unresponsive.

Shortly before the incident, Thompson was medicated with sleep aids and narcotic painkillers. She had given birth only days prior and was still recovering from the physical exertion and usual health complications associated with labor and delivery. The lawsuit claims that a nurse left Thompson and her newborn son alone despite Thompson’s altered mental state due to the medications. The nurse should have noticed the “foreseeable harm” that could have, and ultimately, happened to the newborn.

The infant, Jacob, suffered permanent and severe brain damage due to the suffocation. Sadly, he was taken off life support a few days later.

Thompson seeks $8.6 million in damages covering, in part, medical bills and severe emotional distress. In particular, she claims that the hospital caused “negligent infliction of emotional distress.” Whether or not the Portland Adventist Medical Center will attempt to avoid trial with a confidential settlement is unknown at this time. However, Thompson prefers a jury trial. She has also insisted on publicizing her case so that the same tragic mistake never happens again to another parent.

To learn more about this ongoing case, you can click here to view a full online article published recently by CNN. If you or someone you love has been harmed by the negligence of a hospital or due to medical malpractice, you can contact Freidin | Brown and our Florida medical malpractice lawyers to learn about your rights and how to file a claim. Our trial lawyers are backed by 100+ years of collective legal experience and millions of dollars recovered for clients through positive case results. Discover what that caliber of service can do for you case by calling 866-716-7292 and requesting a free consultation.

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