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Woman Claims Florida Hospital Negligence Caused Permanent Damage

What was supposed to be a holiday celebration during Christmas 2012 turned into tragedy for one family in Florida. An airplane accident resulted in death and injury. One of the surviving victims recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that hospital negligence at the trauma center where she was taken for care has resulted in a permanently disabling condition.

A woman was traveling as a passenger in a plane piloted by her husband. The plane crashed during an attempted emergency landing. The woman later reported that she had felt both of her ankles break upon impact. Her husband, who had thrown his body atop his wife to shield her, did not survive the crash landing.

Rescue workers transported the woman to a Florida trauma unit that had been opened to the public only 16 days. An lawyer acting on the woman’s behalf filed a lawsuit against Hospital Corporation of America, claiming that it was quickly apparent that the level two trauma center had no medical professional available who was able to properly treat the woman’s injuries. He has further asserted that, since she was listed as stable enough for transport, the staff should have moved her to a level one unit where staff members were available who were able to treat the injuries.

A specialist who finally treated the woman more than a week later said that he was not able to treat the injuries properly due to the handling of the woman’s case at the trauma center; indeed, the doctor noted he had never seen such a treatment before and hoped never to seen one again. Through her lawyer, the injured woman filed a medical malpractice claim against the parties deemed liable in her case. Under Florida law, any medical patient who suffers injury or illness due to substandard care may pursue legal action in a civil court in order to seek accountability against those believed to be responsible for the injury and/or illness.

Source: ABC Action News, “HCA trauma patient sues hospital for malpractice, claiming no specialist was able to treat her”, Adam Walser, Sept. 4, 2015

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