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West Palm Beach Preventable Suicide Lawyer

It is always difficult to lose a loved one. When the deceased took their own life, it is even harder for family members to cope afterward. They are often left asking why such a thing would happen, and if there was anything they could have to stop it. Unfortunately, there is very little family members can do when a loved one is considered self-harm. However, that does not mean that all suicides are unpreventable.

Mental health is a part of a person’s overall safety and well-being. Just as medical providers are expected to provide a high standard of care to patients regarding their physical health, the same must also be done for a patient’s mental health. When medical professionals fail to provide the high standard of care expected of them, they can be held liable for their negligent actions. A West Palm Beach preventable suicide lawyer can help make things right for you and your family.

Preventing Suicides in Inpatient Settings

Inpatient settings are environments such as hospitals and mental health settings in which patients are admitted while they are receiving treatment. While a patient is in a facility’s control or custody, the staff members in that facility owe the highest duty of care to patients to keep them safe. This does not only mean that they must provide quality care to the patient, but also that the patient is always kept safe.

Healthcare facilities always have a legal obligation to keep people safe. However, that duty becomes even greater when they are aware that a patient suffers from mental health problems and is at risk of self-harm or taking their own life. In these instances in particular, healthcare professionals can be held liable for failing to provide the proper duty of care.

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Preventing Suicides in Outpatient Settings

Individuals visiting an outpatient setting for medical treatment are present at the facility while receiving treatment, but they then leave without being admitted. Even though healthcare professionals do not have the same high standard of care in this scenario, they still have a responsibility to provide the highest quality of care. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable.

For example, a patient may attend a therapy session in an outpatient setting. They may tell their therapist during that session that they wanted to end their life soon. If the therapist allowed the patient to leave without getting them further help, and that patient later committed suicide, there may be a legitimate claim against the facility or the treating healthcare professional.

Our Preventable Suicide Lawyer in West Palm Beach Can Help with These Complex Cases

Medical malpractice cases are always more complicated than other types of personal injury claims, but this is particularly true with cases dealing with a preventable suicide. At Freidin Brown, P.A., our West Palm Beach preventable suicide lawyer can help you through the obstacles these claims present so you and your family obtain the full settlement you deserve. Call us now at 305-371-3666 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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