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West Palm Beach Failure to Diagnose Stroke Lawyer

A stroke occurs when a blood clot causes a blood vessel to become clogged, or when the blood vessels transporting blood to and from the brain burst and bleed out. Either of these causes will deprive the brain of the oxygen it needs. Any time someone suffers a stroke, they need immediate treatment. Without it, the stroke could be fatal for the patient or they may suffer from negative long-lasting impacts.

Although no one wants to think about it, doctors sometimes fail to diagnose a stroke properly. When that failure is due to medical negligence, stroke victims and their loved ones can file a medical malpractice claim to receive financial compensation. If you have been harmed, a West Palm Beach failure to diagnose stroke lawyer can advise on your claim and help you obtain the full settlement you deserve

How Does a Stroke Happen?

Stroke victims often suffer from high blood pressure. As the blood moves through the arteries, it pushes against the wall, which is called blood pressure. When a person suffers from high blood pressure, there is more pressure within the artery than what is considered normal. The pressure makes the blood vessels more likely to rupture, which can cause a stroke.

A person’s lifestyle can also cause a stroke. Poor diet can clog the arteries, which can cause a stroke. It has also been shown in several studies that smoking greatly increases a person’s risk of suffering from a stroke. When a person suffers from a great deal of stress, it will also increase their blood pressure, which can cause a stroke.

Aside from advising on a person’s lifestyle choices and prescribing medication for high blood pressure, there is little physician can do to prevent a stroke from occurring. However, doctors must be able to recognize when someone has suffered from a stroke, so they can provide immediate treatment.

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How Should a Doctor Diagnose a Stroke?

Doctors should first observe a patient looking for the signs of a stroke, and listen to the patient’s complaints about the symptoms they are suffering. After hearing a patient is suffering from symptoms such as numbness in the face, leg, or arm, or difficulty speaking, a doctor should order several tests. MRIs, CAT scans, and blood tests can all indicate that a patient has suffered a stroke.

Unfortunately, physicians do not always listen to their patients as closely as they should. This is particularly true in emergency rooms where strokes are often diagnosed, but they are also very busy places and doctors may become distracted in the fast-paced environment. Doctors may then fail to order certain tests for a patient, or ensure they are performed, causing serious harm to the patient.

None of the above are excuses for someone suffering from a stroke. Doctors who do not provide the proper standard of care to ensure patients do not become hurt are negligent and can be held liable for their careless actions.

Our Failure to Diagnose Stroke Lawyer in West Palm Beach Can Help Your Family

If you or someone you love has suffered due to medical negligence, our West Palm Beach failure to diagnose stroke lawyer at Freidin Brown, P.A. can help your family claim the full settlement you justly deserve. Call us now at 888-677-7764 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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