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The Incredible Frequency of Auto Accidents

No one thinks about getting in a wreck every time he or she gets in the car in Florida, but the stats show that it happens with alarming frequency. In fact, experts have guessed that people are killed in these accidents every 13 minutes. When looking at all accidents, things appear even worse: There is a crash every 10 seconds.

Whether you think about it or not, auto accidents are a serious threat.

The reasons behind these accidents are varied. Sometimes, a driver may be distracted by a cellphone, perhaps texting or making a call. Other drivers are distracted by music, friends in the car or the GPS. Drivers who recently hit the drive-thru may be distracted just trying to get a bite to eat, in too much of a hurry to stop.

What’s for sure, though, is that a lot of these car accidents don’t have to happen. They are fully under the control of the drivers. While things like freak storms and falling trees can sometimes cause crashes that couldn’t be avoided, the vast majority of crashes don’t have to happen.

Plus, if you’re injured in a wreck, there’s a good chance that you didn’t do anything wrong. It only takes one driver to make a mistake that draws two, three or even more cars into a wreck. In many crashes, one party is fully innocent, thrown into the wreck in a split second because of careless mistakes made by other drives.

This is hardly fair to those who drive safely, as they do have a right to travel without fear of being hurt by others. If you’ve been injured and you’d like to know about your rights and options, please contact a Florida car accident lawyer at our firm.

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