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Summer Amusement Park Injuries Hospitalize A Child Every Three Days

Summer months are the most dangerous times for children at amusement parks, like Disney World or Universal Studios, across the country. Between May and September, a child is seriously injured and must be admitted to a hospital for treatment every three days because of a serious injury that occurred on a theme park ride according to a study recently published in Clinical Pediatrics.

Over a 10-year period, 93,000 children were injured at amusement parks throughout the country, or an average of just over 4,500 kids each year. Soft tissue injuries and injuries to the head and neck were the most common types of injuries reported. Ten percent of the injuries reported involved a broken bone.

Those involved in the study offered the following safety tips for parents to consider before letting children on any amusement park ride:

  • Pay attention to posted age, height and weight restrictions
  • Keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times
  • Utilize seatbelts, safety straps and lap bars
  • Inspect the area below the ride; do not let children ride on rides that are situated on a hard, unprotected service

If you are uncertain about whether a ride is or is not safe, avoid it. Don’t let your kids go on rides that question your gut feeling as a parent that they may not be safe.

If you or your child is seriously injured on an amusement park ride, an injury lawyer in your area can help explain your rights against a theme park, traveling carnival or festival or shopping mall that created the dangerous problem. All companies have a duty to maintain their premises in a manner that is safe for those who use them.

Source: US News, “More Than 4,000 U.S. Kids Hurt Each Year on Amusement Rides,” May 1, 2013

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