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Seemingly-Safe Summer Toys Can Put Florida Children in Danger

Did you know that more kids suffer injuries during the summer than they do in any other season? It makes sense that while kids are on summer vacation and the weather is perfect for playing outdoors in all parts of the country, they’re more likely to get hurt. However, some injuries arise from seemingly-safe toys and products.

  • Pogo sticks: These things have been around since before most Florida parents were born. However, a number of them have been recalled for coming apart.
  • Inflatable pool toys: Things like inflatable water slides seem perfectly safe to most parents. What could go wrong? If they become unstable or deflate, a child could fall off, hit the side of the pool and/or drown.
  • Swing sets: Who among us didn’t spend hours of our childhood on these? However, there have been recalls due to breakage. Even schools may not be aware of problems with a product — putting young children at risk. Kids can go crashing to the ground, and if that ground is concrete, the consequences can be serious.

Of course, children should always be supervised and/or have necessary protective gear when they’re playing. Sadly, injuries and deaths occur when using seemingly innocuous toys like inflatable pool and Big Wheels.

If your child was injured, and you believe that a product did not perform as it should have or was defective in some way, you can and should consider whether the manufacturer may be to blame. Parents always have some level of guilt when their child is hurt while playing. However, in certain cases, no amount of precautions by parents could have prevented an accident caused by a faulty product. If that is the case, legal action by parents can prevent more injuries and even save lives.

Source: MarketWatch, “9 dangerous summertime toys,” Catey Hill, accessed May. 31, 2015

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