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Report: Florida’s cities having fewer accidents

Allstate has issued its tenth annual “America’s Best Drivers Report,” which ranks driving safety of the 200 largest cities in the country. The results are based on claims for collisions with property damage received by the insurance company. As Bloomberg notes in an Aug. 26 article, it includes data from Jan. 2011 to Dec. 2012 gathered by the country’s largest publicly-traded auto and home insurance company.

The rankings are based on the average number of years that people in the city go between auto accidents and the relative likelihood that someone in that city will have an collision compared to the national average, which is every ten years.

For Florida cities, the results were a mixed bag. However, nearly all improved their ranking over last year.

— Cape Coral ranked 15 — up from 40 last year.

— Port Saint Lucie came in 26 — up from 42.

— Our friends up north in Tallahassee came in 44. That’s a 23-spot improvement over last year’s report.

— Jacksonville came in at 54. It is up 19 from last year.

— St. Petersburg is not far behind at 58 — up 21 spots from last year. Their neighbors in Tampa fared considerably worse, however. That city was 160.

— Hollywood also finished in the bottom half, at 148. That’s 20 spots better than last year’s report

Several Florida cities popular with tourists across the country and around the world landed in the bottom half, although they still did better than last year.

— Ft. Lauderdale is at 125.

— Orlando came in 128.

— Florida is ranked 186, which probably won’t come as a surprise to many of our readers. That’s up just one spot from last year.

— Hialeah fared the worst of major Florida cities. It came in at 189. That’s still two spots better than last year.

Two cities, interestingly, kept exactly the same ranking they had last year. Pembroke Pines remained at 132 while Miramar stayed at 157.

Florida drivers have any number of challenges with which to contend on the road. As noted, our state attracts tourists from all over the world. Further, we have a large population of senior citizens, many of whom are still driving. Our unexpected rain and occasional hurricanes don’t help either. However, according to this report, overall, we are doing better at driving safely and avoiding accidents.

Source: Allstate.com, “America’s Best Drivers Report” Aug. 30, 2014

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