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Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Florida Kills at Least One Person

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Officials report that at least one person was killed after a pedestrian bridge collapsed on Florida International University on March 15.

“There are eight vehicles that are trapped underneath as far as we know and we are going to try and get to them as quickly as we can,” said Florida-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez on Wednesday.

The bridge cost approximately $14.2 million to build, and was constructed using funds provided by a United States Department of Transportation grant. Its span was installed on Saturday, though parts of the structure were still undergoing construction. It was built to last for at least 100 years and withstand the force of a Category 5 hurricane, and was supposed to connect the nearby Sweetwater neighborhood, where many FIU students live, to the campus across the highway.

The bridge span was just installed this past Saturday, only 5 days ago. Although construction on the bridge hasn’t been completed, it’s raised serious concern that the engineering should have prohibited such a thing to happen.

“I can’t describe it,” FIU civil engineering student Ricardo Dejo told CNN. “We were really excited about the bridge (before the crash). Everything looked fine. I went underneath it with my own car and it looked great.”

Officials are currently investigating what caused the 950-ton bridge to collapse.

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