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Lawsuit Details How Rushed Delivery Led to Cerebral Palsy Injury

A teenage boy was recently helped into a Florida courtroom as a medical malpractice trial against the doctor who delivered him 16 years ago got underway. The lawsuit stems from assertions by the teen’s parents that the obstetrician acted in haste and rushed the boy’s 1998 delivery.

Today, the 16 year old has been diagnosed as suffering from cerebral palsy. He has the intellectual capacity of a two-year-old child and cannot walk on his own. Included as evidence in the case are cellphone records that show the doctor was busy checking on the repair status of his luxury car when he should have been checking on his patient who was about to deliver a baby five weeks before her due date.

When the doctor did check on his laboring patient, the prosecution contends he arbitrary decided to intervene in her natural delivery and use a vacuum to suction the baby out of the birth canal. The prosecution claims there was not only no justifiable reason to use the vacuum, but that its use led to the development of the boy’s cerebral palsy.

While the outcome of this case is still to be determined, sadly, every year many parents and children suffer the irreparable damage and harm caused by rash or incorrect medical decisions in delivery room settings. Mistakes made during a baby’s delivery may result in both a mother and child suffering devastating physical and cognitive injuries.

Birth injuries that result in permanent and disabling conditions like cerebral palsy, rob a child and family of many future hopes and dreams. In cases where parents believe the negligent actions of a doctor or nurse caused or contributed to their child’s injuries, it’s wise to consult with an lawyer who handles medical malpractice cases.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Lawyer claims doctor’€™s worry over BMW led to boy’s cerebral palsy,” Jane Musgrave, March 4, 2015

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