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Lab mistakes can be as dangerous as physician errors

Many of us in Florida feel confident that we know and trust our doctors and the medical facilities where we receive health care. However, we are still required at times to place our health and our lives in the hands of people and entities we will never see. Among the most important are laboratories and the people who work there.

We rely on labs to test blood and other samples, examine biopsied tissues and cells and do genetic testing. That’s why our firm’s medical malpractice cases include actions involving laboratory errors.

Whether because of human error or procedural problems, lab mistakes can cause inaccurate or missed diagnoses, illness, injury and even death. Things like tainted or mislabeled samples and specimens as well as inappropriate or outdated procedures can literally make the difference between life and death.

It can be difficult to determine with certainty whether injury or death resulted from a lab error. That’s why it’s essential to have experienced medical malpractice lawyers like ours on your side. We know what to look at to determine whether a lab error is to blame. Further, we know how to present the evidence in court in a way that judges and juries will understand. Our experience in dealing with lab errors can help our clients recover compensation through settlements and verdicts.

When someone believes that he or she has been harmed or that a loved one died unnecessarily because of medical malpractice, it can be an emotional time filled with grief, confusion and helplessness. Seeking legal action may not be your top priority. However, you can and should hold those in the medical community responsible for negligent or improper actions, both for yourselves and for others who may be in danger of suffering the same fate.

We can work to determine whether anyone involved with the victim’s medical care is responsible and whether the victim or family has a case. Even if there are not grounds for a case, you’ll get peace of mind by knowing that you sought legal advice. We offer an initial consultation at no charge at any of our three South Florida offices, which are located in Florida, Ft. Myers and Plantation. You have nothing to lose by giving us a call to arrange a visit.

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