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How can Florida parents keep up with children’s product recalls?

Having a child in the 21st century means buying no end of products, including cribs, high chairs, car seats and of course, a seemingly-endless supply of toys. We have seen a number of recalls in recent years involving children’s products. While recalled products are generally removed from stores and online retailers’ selections, what happens if you already have the product? How is a parent to keep up with the recalls and help ensure that their little one is not using a potentially-dangerous product?

When you purchase a product, complete and submit the registration information. This will help the manufacturer contact you in case of a recall.

Make sure that your products still have their stickers or labels that contain the manufacture date and model number. These will be necessary to determine if the product is included in a recall.

Keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website for recalls. Many also have a toll-free number you can call as well.

There are other sites that provide recall information such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. The CPSC website also lets consumers request automatic email updates for specific types of products. The Safe Kids Worldwide website also provides recent and older recall information on children’s products.

While most Florida parents do their best to ensure that the products that their children use are safe, manufacturers are still responsible for the safety of their products. If a child is harmed or made ill by a product, a manufacturer may be able to be held liable. Florida personal injury lawyers can advise parents on their options to help hold these companies responsible, seek financial compensation to help with medical and other costs and prevent other children from being harmed.

Source: The Wausau Daily Herald, “Safe Kids: Staying updated on product recalls” Michelle Armstrong, Oct. 20, 2014

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