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How Can Florida Drivers Prevent Driveway Tragedies?

Florida parents take multiple steps to keep their children safe while they’re riding in the car and crossing the street. However, over 9,000 children are injured every year by cars and other vehicles in driveways, parking lots and streets by drivers who did not see them playing or standing nearby. Tragically, the drivers who accidentally injure or kill children under these circumstances are often family members and friends.

There are some easy safety measures that parents and other drivers can take to help ensure that children are not injured or killed by drivers who don’t see them when they are pulling out of a driveway or parking space.

  • Whenever you and your children get out of a vehicle or are around parked vehicles (either in driveways, parking lots or on the street), hold their hands.

  • If you and your children are around a vehicle that’s about to move, stay in a spot where the driver can see you.

  • Whenever you get in your parked car, walk around it to ensure that there are no children there. Make sure that there’s nothing like a bike, toy or animal there as well.

  • Discourage your children and others from playing in the driveway. You can help do this by not allowing any bikes, chalk or toys in your driveway.

By teaching your own children about the dangers of playing around cars and taking a few seconds just before you get in your car to make sure that there are no children around, you could well prevent a tragedy.

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide, “Driveway Safety,” accessed April. 09, 2015

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