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Florida Medical Patients Might Be at Risk for Hospital Negligence

In Florida and all other states, a person who suffers illness or injury due to substandard medical care may be able to file a personal injury claim in a civil court against the party or parties deemed liable. Hospital negligence is an ongoing problem in the United States. A recent article discussed certain medical probes and instances of apparent patient infection in relation to use of the probes during medical procedures.

Patients who file legal claims sometimes do so in order to seek compensation for damages that have resulted due to faulty medical care. Hospital negligence might exist if a staff member has performed his or her duties toward patients at a substandard level with regard to safety and/or applicable regulations. Other cases of liability sometimes involve medical testing, including the devices used during such procedures.

The recent article warned the public that one particular medical scope used to examine patients lungs apparently caused serious infection in 14 patients. Scopes used to examine bladders and colons were also said to be associated with incidents of infection in patients undergoing diagnostic procedures. Reports indicate that part of the problem is that those operating the scopes use them repeatedly, though the devices may not have been properly sanitized between each use.

The multiple reported infections have been called “super bugs” that are quite resistant to antibiotics. One report stated that out of 3,000 hospitals, only 6 percent have been able to control two of the most serious bacteria-caused infections. Any medical patient in Florida who believes that he or she has been infected, injured or made ill through hospital negligence may begin the process of filing a legal claim by contacting an available lawyer in the area.

Source: fiercehealthcare.com, “Medical scopes and superbugs: Infection risk greater than previously thought“, Ilene MacDonald, Aug. 3, 2015

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