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Fatal California Bus Crash Possibly Linked To FedEx Cargo

Last week, 10 people were killed in Orland, California when a FedEx truck crashed into a bus full of high school students.

Investigators are looking into eye witness accounts that the FedEx truck was already engulfed in flames prior to hitting the bus with 44 students on board.

The truck hit another vehicle before crashing into the charter bus. A spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol could not confirm if the truck was on fire prior to the collision.

Investigators will also look into whether the driver of the FedEx truck, who was one of the fatalities, was over the federally allowed hours of service.

However, this is not the first reports of FedEx cargo going up in flames. Just one day after the collision, the cargo area of another truck caught fire in Corte Madera California due to an electrical malfunction or chemical reaction.

In mid-February, a FedEx truck making a pick up in Sweetwater, Texas, caught fire. Later that month, a FedEx tractor trailer caught fire and was totally destroyed along I-81 near Roanoke, Virginia. In March, a FedEx truck fire shut down a portion of I-80 near Park City, Utah.

The bus was gutted and the truck was a mangled mess, making it difficult for investigators to determine whether a fire started in the truck before impact.

As drivers in South Florida, we are always aware of 18-wheelers, dump trucks, gravel trucks, semi trucks, and other large commercial vehicles on the road. We often witness debris falling off trucks, trucks speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, and other forms of driver negligence. When an accident occurs, the results are catastrophic for the innocent occupants of the smaller vehicle.

Recently, the lawyers at FDBR were awarded $1.43 million verdict on behalf of a South Florida man who was seriously injured in a trucking accident.

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Source: CS Monitor, “California fatal bus crash: Was FedEx truck cargo involved?” April 13, 2014.

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