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Every Surgical Procedure Has Inherent Risks

Anyone who has ever undergone a medical procedure or who has had a loved one operated on, understands the feelings of fear and powerlessness that often accompany the process. Surgical procedures are common with some surgeons performing several per day. However, regardless of how big or small the procedure, there are numerous risks involved and always the chance that something could go wrong.

When undergoing a surgical procedure, an individual puts their faith, trust and very life in the hands of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and members of the operating room staff. While many operations and surgical procedures are successful and without incident, there are times when mistakes occur that endanger the health and very lives of patients.

From a nurse who forgets to properly sterilize a piece of surgical equipment to a sleep-deprived doctor who performs a surgery on the wrong body part, errors made in the operating room are often serious in nature and can result in a patient developing an infection, experiencing unnecessary pain, suffering complications and incurring additional medical costs.

In cases where an individual or a loved one develops an infection, is readmitted to the hospital due to complications or is forced to undergo an additional procedure; it’s wise to investigate whether any medical mistakes occurred. For Southern Florida residents, the lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. can help determine if it’s appropriate to take legal action.

The physical, emotional and financial injuries associated with a surgical error are often significant in nature and may result in an individual and his or her family experiencing great pain, suffering and loss. For these reasons, it’s wise to explore one’s options with regard to filing a medical malpractice claim and recovering compensation to account for one’s past and future losses and needs.

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