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Disney World Safety A Question For Visiting Guests?

Within a week, a dry ice pipe bomb went off at Disneyland and a woman and her grandson on the Dinosaur ride at Disney World found a loaded gun on their seat. With summer just around the corner, you may be right to question your safety at the self-acclaimed “Happiest Place On Earth,” that Disney has branded itself as.

In Florida, property owners including amusement parks and theme parks like Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens have a duty to maintain its premises in a manner that is safe for all those who enter. When a park such as Disney fails to keep its guests safe and serious injury results, the person injured or the surviving family of that person if the incident results in death, may have a premises liability claim against the park.

The owner of the gun that was found at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom asserts that he has an active concealed-carry permit, allowing him to legally have the weapon. However, Disney policy is to disallow guns on the premises. There are no metal detectors at Disney World and the gun owner claims that he thought the gate security was only checking for explosives in bags, not for actual weapons on guests.

The Disneyland explosion was traced back to an outdoor vendor at the California theme park. Twenty-two year old Christian Barnes was arrested for setting off the dry ice bomb that resulted in a complete evacuation of Toontown. No injuries or property damage was reported after the bomb went off in a garbage can in the theme park.

Source: Fox News, “Disney World visitor, grandson find loaded gun on ride,” May 30, 2013

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