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Diet Supplement Has Meth-Like Chemical, Study Finds

Several months ago, the diet supplement Craze was pulled off shelves following an investigation into the safety of the supplement.

Now, according to a study published in Drug Testing and Analysis journal, Craze, the sports supplement marketed to bodybuilders, contains a chemical compound similar to the illegal drug methamphetamine, or meth. The substance, called N, alpha-diethylphenylethyamine or N,a-DEPEA, has never been studied in humans.

Scientists tested Craze, owned by Driven Sports, and found 20 to 35 milligrams of the drug in a serving size of the supplement.

Craze labels list another chemical, N,N-DEPEA as an ingredient, but it was not found in the supplement. However the company’s lawyer said the company disputes the researchers’ findings and believes there are serious flaws with the tests.

One of the samples used in the study was sent to the Food and Drug Administration last year. However, diet supplement manufacturers and distributors are not required to get FDA approval before selling their products.

Craze was given BodyBuilding.com’s New Supplement of the Year in 2012.

Driven Sports’ products have come under scrutiny before. In July, USA Today published an article on supplement designer Matt Cahill, “a convicted felon who has a history of selling risky dietary supplements, including products with ingredients linked to liver injury and at least one death.”

Just last week, another dietary supplement, OxyElite Pro, was pulled from shelves after it was linked to cases of liver failure and acute hepatitis in 29 people.

Two people have undergone liver transplants and one person has died, according to the Hawaii State Department of Health. Twenty-four others fell ill and reported using the supplement before being diagnosed.

Source: CNN, “Study: Diet supplement has meth-like chemical,” Oct. 14, 2013

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