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Considering Filing a Legal Claim Due to Hospital Negligence?

It is important for hospitals and other professional medical entities to be held legally accountable when they have committed errors that have resulted in injury or illness to a patient. Hospital negligence is a problem in Florida and throughout the United States. Patients will want to know that there is legal help available for those who are considering filing a medical malpractice claim in court.

It has been estimated that approximately one of three patients who receive care in a hospital will suffer an injury in relation to that care. Some injuries are quite minor; others more serious. In worst case scenarios, patients have suffered death as a result of medical negligence. Not only does filing a medical malpractice lawsuit allow you to seek compensation for the damages you have sustained, but it can also help prevent similar injuries and illnesses from occurring in the future if changes in regulations and procedures are ordered by the court.

Freidin and Brown lawyers are dedicated trial lawyers who are prepared to help you exercise your rights in seeking compensation in your case. Approximately 100,000 deaths occur throughout the nation each year due to medical mistakes. Some of the most common errors made in hospitals include mistaken patient identity, infection and patient location errors.

Our Florida legal team has achieved a history of success on behalf of our clients who have filed medical malpractice and hospital negligence lawsuits. We have three Florida offices and offer free consultations for your convenience. You can call to schedule an appointment or use the contact form accessible on our website.

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