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Connecticut Amusement Park Ride Fails, Injuring 12 Children

An amusement park ride at Nowalk’s Oyster Fair in Connecticut broke down this weekend, sending 13 people to hospitals.

One adult was among the 12 children that suffered injuries, including five people who refused treatment at the scene.

The rotating, swing-type ride called Zumur lifts riders up and away as it spins. A mechanical failure caused the ride to suddenly stop, and those on board collided with each other. No riders were ejected from the ride or fell from it.

The injured riders were treated and released from the hospital.

The festival, which is organized by the Norwalk Seaport Association, said it directed the ride’s operator to shut down the entire ride area until state inspectors completed a check. The rides later reopened and the rest of the festival remained opened on its third and final day.

According to the ride operator’s website, rides are inspected by its own staff every day, by state and local inspectors weekly, and by engineers and insurance inspectors each year.

Festival organizers also commented about the accident on its Facebook page, saying, “Our first and only concern is for the wellbeing of those involved and their families.”

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Source: The Florida Herald, “12 children hurt when Conn. Fair ride loses power,” Sept. 8, 2013.

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