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BMW Mysteriously Explodes in Flames in South Florida Driveway

There’s a mystery here in South Florida about what caused a BMW to burst into flames earlier this month. The explosion occurred in the middle of the night as it sat parked in the driveway of the owner’s West Park home.

The woman was awakened by her son, who alerted her that the car was engulfed in flames. The two of them used a hose to try to extinguish the fire before it could spread to the home. As she showed a local news reporter, all that’s left of the car’s hood are chunks of melted metal and charred plastic.

Fire investigators say that the fire began in the left engine compartment of the 2009 BMW 5 Series. They say that they have no evidence of any foul play. However, the investigation is continuing. The owner had purchased the vehicle used from a car dealership.

The woman reportedly got no help from BMW, even in having the car towed from her home until a local news team got involved. They say it was then that BMW agreed to tow the car, get her a rental vehicle, assist with insurance claims and investigate the incident.

The car’s owner says, “I hope BMW looks into how they design their engine and make sure this doesn’t happen because this could’ve been worse.” She says that she ensured that regular maintenance was done on the car and that there were no warning lights on prior to the explosion. The only recall notice found on that model BMW involved a faulty tail light.

BMW said that this kind of thing is rare. Interestingly, just a week prior to this incident, fire destroyed a BMW in the parking lot of a restaurant in Surrey, England. The fire seriously damaged two other cars parked nearby. The local police there are still investigating. They said only that the fire seemed to be “of suspicious origin.”

Car manufacturers are not always cooperative about investigating issues with their vehicles. Too often, drivers get blamed for incidents that are the result of vehicle defects. It shouldn’t take a television news investigation to get action. If you believe that an accident or other incident with your vehicle is the result of a defect, it may be wise to seek the guidance of an lawyer experienced in handling product liability cases.

Source: NBC Florida, “Woman’s BMW Mysteriously Explodes in West Park Driveway,” Dan Krauth, Oct. 16, 2015

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