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Aviation Accidents Require Experienced Legal Guidance

Airplane crashes don’t always involve large commercial aircraft. In fact, people are injured and killed in accidents involving small planes all the time.

Just last month, a sightseeing plane carrying passengers from a cruise ship on an excursion crashed in the mountains of Alaska. Nine people, including the pilot, died in the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board is still working to determine the cause.

Also last month, Oscar-winning composer James Horner died when the small plane he was piloting crashed. The man perhaps best known for the music in “Titanic” had been an avid pilot.

The laws dealing with plane crashes vary depending on the type of aircraft involved (private, commercial or military). That’s why if you have been injured or lost a loved one in an airplane accident, it’s essential to get legal guidance from lawyers who understand aviation law and the relevant state and federal regulations

Our firm helps plane crash survivors and surviving family members work to seek justice and compensation from individuals and entities who were responsible for the crash. Although we’re located in Florida, we’ve helped clients beyond South Florida.

Whether the aircraft involved was a single-engine private plane or a commercial airliner, we know how to investigate the possible causes of the accident with the help of aviation experts. For example, a manufacturing or design flaw in the plane may be to blame. Some accidents are caused by human error on the part of the pilot. In others, a plane wasn’t maintained properly by the person or company responsible for doing so. Sometimes, multiple people and companies can be held liable for a crash.

When crashes involve larger planes with multiple passengers, it’s not uncommon to be contacted quickly by the insurer for the airline or the company that owns the plane offering a settlement. While it may seem like the easiest, quickest way to get needed compensation for medical care, burial costs or lost wages, you may be giving up your rights to file a future claim for a significantly larger amount after the investigations are completed.

We urge people not to accept any settlement before contacting us. However, it’s important to do so quickly. There are statutes of limitation on filing personal injury claims for aviation accidents. Call or contact us online to find out how we can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

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