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Auto Makers Recall Vehicles With Potentially Defective Airbags

Honda, Nissan and Mazda announced Monday that they are recalling nearly three million vehicles equipped with potentially faulty airbags from Japanese parts supplier, Takata Corp.

Honda Motor Corp., announced it was recalling 2 million cars, while Nissan Motor Corp said it was recalling 755,000 vehicles and Mazda Motor Corp followed suit and recalled 160,000 cars.

This recall comes weeks after Toyota recalled 2.2 million cars equipped with the Takata airbags, and a year full of recalls that has ruined the auto industry’s reputation when it comes to safety.

In March, Toyota Motor Corp paid $1.2 billion in penalty as part of a settlement with the U.S. Justice Department for covering up vehicle defects.

This airbag recall is also not the first problem the Japanese parts maker has faced. Last year, Takata agreed to plead guilty to settle U.S. antitrust charges that it had participated in a scheme to fix the prices of seat belts and to pay $71.3 million.

The company was also involved in a massive recall in 1995, when nearly nine million cars were recalled to fix faulty seat belts provided by Takata.

Models included in the recent recall are the popular Honda Accord and Civic models, as well as Nissan Infiniti models.

Nissan and Honda said no accidents or injuries had been reported involving cars affected by the latest recalls.

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Source: Wall Street Journal, “Three Car Makers Recall Nearly 3 Million Vehicles,” June 23, 2014

Injuries caused by auto defects are sometimes called the “accident within the accident.” When car safety features such as air bags and door locks fail in an accident, serious injuries and deaths can occur that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

If you are injured in an accident because of an auto defect, you may be entitled to compensation from the auto manufacturer even if the accident itself was your fault.

We rely on air bags to protect us if we are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, many air bags fail, causing serious injury and even death for the vehicle occupants. When an air bag fails, what could have been an accident with minor or no injuries can result in a catastrophic or fatal event.

There are several types of air bag failures which can cause severe head or neck injuries or wrongful death:

  • Air bags that deploy too fast
  • Air bags that deploy too far into the occupant space
  • Defective air bag sensors which can cause an air bag to deploy when it isn’t needed, or to fail to deploy
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