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Anesthesia errors can be serious and even fatal for Floridians

The death of comedy legend Joan Rivers after she went into cardiac arrest during a seemingly-routine medical procedure has prompted a good deal of discussion about the dangers of anesthesia. It has not yet been confirmed what type of anesthesia was used on the 81-year-old comedienne for the endoscopic procedure she was reportedly undergoing. However, as one doctor wrote in a Sept. 5 article on the Fox News website, the greatest risk for older people in endoscopies is the anesthesia rather than the procedure itself.

Anesthesia of some type is necessary for just about all surgical procedures. The administration of the anesthesia as well as the monitoring of the patient while he or she is under anesthesia is crucial to the patient’s safety. Anesthesia errors can have severe and even fatal ramifications regardless of the patient’s age.

A number of things can go wrong when anesthesia is used. The incorrect amount or type may be used. If the patient’s medical history, including currently-prescribed medications, is not taken, he or she may have a negative or allergic reaction to the anesthesia. If complications involving the anesthesia aren’t noted immediately and the procedure continues, the result can be deadly. Sometimes, there are even complications after the procedure is completed.

Our Florida medical malpractice lawyers are experienced in cases involving anesthesia errors. We know how to build a personal injury case based on medical errors and to work toward getting the optimal financial settlement. Victims of these errors may have injuries that require long-term treatment and care and possibly impact the rest of their lives.

When a loved one dies as the result of an anesthesia error, surviving family members should not have to suffer financially as well as emotionally. They can and should pursue a civil claim against those who failed to live up to the trust that was put in them.

Source: Freidin Brown, P.A., “Anesthesia Errors” Sep. 06, 2014

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