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2021 World Health Day: How to Get Involved


Vaccines and continued social distancing efforts are powerful tools towards preventing the spread of COVID-19, and many nations are seeing progress with flattening infection rates and fewer hospitalizations. However, the pandemic will still be a key topic on World Health Day 2021, which takes place on April 7. The World Health Organization (WHO) has dedicated this year’s theme to “Building a Fairer, Healthier World,” as organizers seek to raise awareness on the inequalities exposed by the COVID-19 health crisis.

Disparities certainly existed before the pandemic, with residents of some nations enjoying the benefits of enhanced well-being and better access to health care services. At the same time, there are groups in other countries who barely survive in poor conditions with limited access to employment opportunities and education. The result is suffering, high infant mortality, premature death, and other avoidable consequences.

World Health Day is an opportunity to address these disparities and promote fairness in the living and working conditions that support a healthy lifestyle. The messaging targets world leaders, but there are many ways to get involved. Some additional information on the event and ideas for participating may inspire you to take action.

Objectives of World Health Day 2021: Fairness and equality are central topics this year, but you can better assess opportunities to contribute by reviewing themes from the past:

  • 2020 was devoted to celebrating nurses and midwives, arguably some of the hardest working people in health care. The theme was announced months before COVID-19 even made headlines, but the pandemic certainly highlighted how much we rely on these practitioners.
  • In 2019, WHO dedicated World Health Day to its goal of universal health care. Millions around the world are often forced to make a choice between health care and basics like food and housing. 

World Health Day Events: WHO continues to post campaign materials and offer webinars on key topics, and has already hosted sessions on race- and ethnicity-based discrimination in health care. Keep checking the website for updates, but some upcoming events include:

  • How we can apply data on poverty to enhance preparedness for public health emergencies;
  • Gender and health care access; and
  • A virtual panel on building just, healthy communities in post-COVID-19 Americas. 

It is also worth noting that WHO is hosting a year-long campaign celebrating those who work in the medical field and honoring their commitment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. There are numerous ways to get involved in 2021 during the International Year of Health and Care Workers (YHCW). 

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