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Miami Nursing Home Doctor Negligence Lawyer

According to Fierce Healthcare, the number of doctors focusing on nursing home care increased by more than a third between 2012 and 2015. This could potentially be good because these doctors and nurses will understand the needs of elderly patients. The downside is that, unlike a primary care physician, these doctors have not witnessed their patient’s health over the course of decades and could miss critical health concerns. If you suspect that a nursing home doctor taking care of your loved one in a nursing home facility was negligent with their medical decisions, then you should contact a Miami nursing home doctor negligence lawyer about what your next steps should be.

Who is Liable for Nursing Home Negligence?

If negligent medical care results in patient injury or wrongful death, it is important the liable party be held accountable. The confusing part can be whether or not a nursing home doctor is actually an employee of the nursing home facility. It is possible that the doctor works as a contractor, which shifts liability away from the nursing home itself. Often nursing homes require their residents to see the in-house doctor instead of their primary care physician. A doctor that treats all of the patients within the nursing home may be less likely to report cases of neglect or abuse. Ideally, you would want the nursing home to be a liable party for two reasons:

  1. Even if the doctor is hired as an independent contractor, the nursing home has approved their work and prevented your loved one from seeing their primary care physician. Therefore, the nursing home should accept some responsibility for medical errors made by the doctor.
  2. Individual doctors are less likely to have adequate insurance to cover a medical malpractice lawsuit in comparison to a huge nursing home corporation.

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Common Medical Errors Made By Nursing Home Doctors

  • Prescribing the wrong medications;
  • Not changing a patient’s diet when they are unable to safely swallow food, causing choking;
  • Delaying treatment for a UTI, which can lead to sepsis;
  • Failure to treat bedsores;
  • Failure to prevent or treat fall cases leading to injury; and
  • More.

Oftentimes it can be difficult to immediately find the nursing home doctor at-fault because nurses and other staff help treat patients on a more regular basis. However, with the help of a skilled attorney, you can investigate the case further to determine whether the injury was caused by abuse, neglect, or medical malpractice.

We Can Help With Your Nursing Home Case

The Florida Health Care Association states that between 2015 and 2050, the age 85+ population in Florida is anticipated to more than triple. As the population within the state ages, there will need to be more doctors and nursing home facilities to care for these patients or the system will become overtaxed. Even now, it is important to monitor the care your loved one is getting within a nursing home to ensure they remain healthy. Should you suspect any abuse, neglect, or medical malpractice from the doctor, you need to speak with a qualified Miami attorney who can guide you through the legal process. Contact the nursing home attorneys of Freidin Brown, P.A today at 305-371-3666 to schedule a free consultation.

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