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Mercy Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If You Suffered Malpractice at Mercy Hospital – Contact Our Law Firm Today!

Man and Woman in the Operating Room in HospitalMercy Hospital in Miami serves countless patients daily. It must give quality care to each patient and is financially responsible for any medical malpractice on its premises. A Mercy Hospital medical malpractice lawyer from Freidin Brown, P.A. will seek justice for you or a loved one harmed by Mercy Hospital’s negligence.

Our attorneys have handled more than 200 jury trials over 45 years of practice. Medical malpractice cases are a key focus for our firm, and we’ll provide the attentive representation that billboard lawyers can’t.

Call Freidin Brown, P.A. today at 888-677-7764 for a free consultation.

Why Medical Malpractice Victims Should Choose a Lawyer From Freidin Brown, P.A. to Hold Mercy Hospital Accountable

At Freidin Brown, P.A., our firm can help you pursue financial compensation if you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice. Clients harmed by major medical institutions like Mercy Hospital choose Freidin Brown, P.A. because:

  • Our case results impress: Our lawyers have secured more than 20 verdicts of more than $1 million for our medical malpractice clients in Florida. Individual recoveries of $38 million, $12.7 million, and $9.75 million instill confidence in our Miami medical malpractice team.
  • We provide personalized client service that larger competitors can’t: Founder Philip Freidin oversees the planning of every case we handle against Mercy Hospital. We are highly selective in the cases we accept, as we take our client relationships and reputation seriously. If you hire Freidin Brown, P.A. to hold Mercy Hospital accountable, you will receive our very best effort.
  • We are trial-tested and trial-ready: Attorney Philip Freidin has more than 50 years of experience fighting for victims of medical malpractice. Collectively, our team of dedicated lawyers has more than 100 years of experience. This includes more than 200 jury trials, roughly 100 non-jury trials, and hundreds of victories for our clients in Florida. We’re proven trial lawyers, and we’ll be prepared to take your case to trial, too.
  • Our clients are family: Our attorneys and staff remain with Freidin Brown, P.A. for the long term. This creates a family atmosphere, and that familial feel extends to our medical malpractice clients. Our firm offers a level of attention that most of our competitors simply can’t.

Freidin Brown, P.A. has represented clients in some of Florida’s most significant medical malpractice cases. So, if you are looking for a medical malpractice lawyer in Miami, Friedin Brown, P.A. is the only choice.

Recoverable Damages We’ll Demand Mercy Hospital Pays You For

Your recoverable damages are unique to you and your case. Our lawyers work with medical professionals to identify and value the damages our clients suffer when medical providers are negligent. Based on our extensive experience with medical malpractice cases, your recoverable damages may include:

  • Medical expenses: Nobody should have to pay for negligent medical services. We will work hard to ensure that you don’t. Mercy Hospital should also cover the cost of any additional medical services or items you need because of negligence-related injury or illness.
  • Pain and suffering: Mercy Hospital’s negligence may cause you physical pain, psychological distress, emotional anguish, and other pain and suffering. Freidin Brown, P.A. hires qualified mental health experts to diagnose our clients’ pain and suffering.
  • Professional damages: If you lose income, earning power, bonuses, promotions, or other professional benefits because of Mercy Hospital’s negligence, the hospital should pay the cost of these damages.
  • Rehabilitation costs: If you need rehab for your injuries, we’ll seek compensation for rehabilitation and transportation to your appointments.

Each of our medical malpractice clients has different damages. Some have disabling injuries and need medical equipment. Others will heal from their injuries but still require substantial compensation for their damages.

Whatever your unique circumstances are, trust a law firm that provides personalized legal services to fit your needs—Freidin Brown, P.A.

Services Freidin Brown, P.A. Provides for Medical Malpractice Victims in Miami

Lawyer Discussing About the Case with His Client

As BMJ Open journal explains, medical malpractice claims stem from a wide array of medical specialties and circumstances. Our firm will pinpoint exactly how Mercy Hospital failed you and fight for the money you deserve.

Our medical malpractice team in Miami will serve you by:

  • Gathering evidence of Mercy Hospital’s negligence
  • Documenting your damages (with medical records, your own testimony, expert testimony, images of injuries, and other documentation)
  • Updating you at every step of your case, as frequent communication is the Freidin Brown, P.A. small-firm difference
  • Managing all case-related communications and paperwork
  • Fighting for a fair settlement
  • Taking your case to trial, if necessary

At least two lawyers will manage your case, in addition to lead attorney Philip Freidin. When we accept your medical malpractice case against Mercy Hospital, we’ll work around the clock to resolve your case with a fair financial recovery.

We Know Mercy Hospital’s History of Medical Malpractice

Mercy Hospital may not have a Consumer Report rating, but it certainly has a history of medical malpractice. In a case that yielded what was once the largest verdict for medical malpractice in Florida, a jury awarded $7.2 million to the family of a 22-year-old man who was left brain dead after a routine operation for a broken leg. The hospital and anesthesiologist failed to properly monitor their patient during his surgery, leading to tragic, irreversible damage.

In another multimillion-dollar case, a family’s infant girl suffered a permanent brain injury during childbirth. The mother, who was under the care of Mercy Hospital’s labor and delivery nurses, was administered Pitocin, which is commonly used to induce labor. However, when progress stalled the next morning, caregivers administered more of the drug, causing hyperstimulation.

Ultimately, the baby had to be delivered via a cesarean section. The infant was not breathing after the delivery and needed to be revived. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delay, necessitating care for the rest of her life. This is a troubling pattern of negligence by Mercy Hospital. Our firm understands the high standards that medical providers must honor, and we’ll determine every way that Mercy Hospital may have failed you or your loved one.

Call Freidin Brown, P.A. Today for Your Free Consultation About Hiring a Mercy Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Do not wait to hire a Mercy Hospital medical malpractice lawyer from our firm. We may have a limited time to file your case in Miami.

Call Freidin Brown, P.A. today at 888-677-7764 to complete your free consultation.

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