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When to See a Doctor After a Florida Car Accident


When you’ve been hurt in a Florida car accident, you may question whether medical care is absolutely necessary. Perhaps you think your injuries are minor, or you don’t want to go through the hassle of waiting to see a doctor. You might even think that your health can wait until you can get an appointment with your primary care physician. However, there are multiple reasons that you should get medical attention immediately after an auto collision. Your Florida car accident lawyer can explain in more detail, but these reasons generally revolve around two very important concepts: Your health and your rights.

  1. Your Health and Well-Being: Car accidents involve a massive, violent impact to your body, and can cause any number of injuries – both readily visible bodily harm and issues that are not so obvious. It’s essential to have a health care provider evaluate your medical condition and identify any injuries, so you can move forward with treatment. Without a diagnosis and care plan, many auto crash injuries can worsen and lead to long-term complications.
  1. Your Rights in Car Accident Claim: The second reason to head to the emergency room or urgent care center is that your diligence impacts the injury claim you’ll file with the responsible driver’s insurance company. Though Florida’s statute of limitations in a motor vehicle crash case is four years, your focus should be on the days after the accident. Insurance companies will typically look to see if you sought medical attention within 72 hours, which they consider “reasonable” under most circumstances. A delay longer than this could lead to the assumption that you weren’t hurt badly – otherwise, you would have headed straight to the ER.

Other Tips Regarding Post-Accident Medical Care: In addition, as you’re healing at home and following doctor’s orders, make sure to document everything about your car accident injuries. Jot down notes about your level of pain, the dates of every visit with a health care provider, and all the medications you’re taking for pain. Include all your personal feelings and experiences, paying special attention to how your life has been adversely affected by your auto crash injuries. 

Also, note that you could be receiving a call from the responsible driver’s insurance company as you’re recovering. Avoid making any statements or comments regarding your medical care. Your words could be used against you when the insurer’s claims adjuster is gathering evidence to make a settlement offer. You should also steer clear of any discussions regarding the details of the accident, as you may accidentally reveal factors regarding fault.

Your Next Step Should be Consulting with a Florida Car Accident Lawyer 

Once your health and well-being are in order, you should meet with an experienced attorney to discuss your rights. You’re in a better position to get the compensation you deserve with skilled representation, so please contact Freidin Brown, P.A. We can set up a no-cost consultation to tell you more about our legal services for auto accident victims.

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