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What Factors Lead to a Successful Medical Malpractice Claim?

Patients file medical malpractice claims in many cases involving harm or wrongdoing done by a health care professional. These cases might include patients who have been harmed due to poor medical treatment, become ill due to unsanitary or unsafe conditions, or out of a serious or egregious error.

To determine how a medical practitioner was negligent, your Florida medical malpractice lawyer will need to evaluate the extent of the errors made. The patient should expect to receive the same standard of care from another physician, doctor, nurse, or other health care practitioner under the same circumstances.

At FriedinBrown, P.A., we strive to help all of our clients find some peace of mind after being harmed or injured due to medical malpractice. To learn more about medical malpractice cases and what it takes to make a successful claim, please read more below!

Steps Involved in a Medical Malpractice Case

It might not be a bad idea to reach out to the doctor, physician, nurse, or other health care worker who cared for you to discuss your case further. This confirms the fact that you and the doctor had established a “doctor-patient relationship,” and that the doctor had agreed to take on the responsibility of caring for you.

Some of the most important factors involved in a medical negligence claim:

  • The doctor-patient relationship must have existed.
  • A similar health care professional reasonably would not have done the same in a similar situation.
  • Expert witnesses would attest that a competent doctor or professional with the same level of skill would not have done the same as the one who worked with you.
  • The doctor or medical professional’s mistake had a direct correlation with your injury or loss.

You may find that that are other ways to solve the problem without the need to bring a lawsuit forward. For example, the doctor may be gracious, accept responsibility, and propose a solution or even work to fix the problem free of charge. On the other hand, if you and the doctor are unable to see eye to eye, and the only remedy might be to file a lawsuit. This may be the only answer and the last resort to ensuring you receive proper financial compensation.

If you would like to discuss your medical malpractice case further with us, please contact our Florida medical malpractice lawyers at Friedin Brown, P.A. today.

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