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September Was Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month


The thyroid is a vital gland for purposes of hormonal balance within the human body, playing a key role in a person’s metabolism, development, and regulation of bodily functions. Its importance is recognized every year during Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, which will be a month-long celebration this September 2022. The Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association – ThyCa – is promoting numerous resources about the disease, including knowing the signs, how to do a “neck check,” and success stories from survivors.

Another important point ThyCa seeks to drive home with thyroid cancer is the importance of getting a prompt, accurate diagnosis. There are several forms of the ailment, and detection is a significant factor with positive patient outcomes. If you have concerns about care you received, you should discuss your medical malpractice options with a Miami failure to diagnose cancer attorney. Some information about thyroid cancer from ThyCa is also useful.

Types of Thyroid Cancer 

Medical professionals classify cancer of the thyroid gland according to four different categories:

  1. Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common form of the disease, at around 85 percent of all cases diagnosed. The recovery rate is positive for papillary thyroid cancer, since most cells are small and respond well to treatment.
  1. Another frequently diagnosed condition is follicular thyroid cancer, which begins in the follicular cells – which have the very important function of secreting thyroid hormones. The cancer grows relatively slowly, which means prompt treatment can destroy cancerous cells.
  1. Medullary thyroid cancer affects the cells that produce calcitonin, a hormone that maintains calcium levels in the blood. This condition is very rare, usually the result of a gene mutation that can be detected through blood tests. There is no tumor to detect, so medullary thyroid cancer is diagnosed through lab screenings.
  1. Anaplastic thyroid cancer is also rare, but it is very aggressive and one of the fastest growing versions of the ailment. It typically affects individuals aged 60 or older. Affected cells expand quickly and the tumor becomes obvious, meaning that a lump on the neck will be visible to the individual and others. 

How Diagnosis Affects Cure Rates 

Thyroid cancer is one of the many medical conditions in which getting a proper diagnosis has major implications for patient outcomes. The five-year survival rate is up to 98 percent with the most treatable forms, though the spread of thyroid cancer is the pivotal factor. The prognosis is good for localized versions, where cancerous cells remain within the thyroid. With regional and distant spreads, nearby tissues, organs, and bones can be affected. Treatment options are more invasive, and may not be effective.

Discuss Cancer Misdiagnosis with a Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyer 

Failure to diagnose thyroid cancer is a very serious medical error, so it is helpful to know that you may have legal remedies if a health care provider made such a mistake. To learn more about types of compensation available in a medical malpractice case, please contact Freidin Brown, P.A. We can schedule a complimentary case evaluation at our offices in Miami or Fort Myers to discuss details.


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