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Miami Speeding Truck Accident Lawyer

Exceeding the speed limit can be dangerous for any driver, and it may put others at risk as well. Although most Florida drivers are accustomed to negotiating heavy traffic and other vehicles travelling at a wide range of speeds, a speeding semi-truck or eighteen-wheeler poses an especially serious danger, potentially creating a major collision, rollover, or other type of truck accident. If you believe a speeding truck driver or a trucker violating other traffic laws caused your recent accident and injuries, turn to our Miami speeding truck accident lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. for immediate assistance.

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Collecting All Available Evidence & Testimony to Build Your Case

Some transport trucks and other commercial vehicles have “black box” technology on-board that may reveal useful information such as determining vehicle speeds at the time of the crash. In other situations, professional accident reconstructionist or other experts may be able to present forensic evidence of speeding or other driving violations that resulted in your car being hit by the truck.

We have strong, longstanding connections to these and other key resources for bringing forth the facts of your case and proving liability on the driver’s part, or identifying other factors in the crash such as:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Negligence in putting a speeding driver or dangerous truck on the road

For Strong Advocacy, Contact Freidin Brown, P.A.

Our Miami speeding truck accident lawyers have successfully handled numerous fatal auto accidents and cases where brain, spinal, or other injuries were permanent and life-changing. We are prepared to interview witnesses, subpoena highway camera footage if available, and otherwise go the distance to build the best possible case for you. For quality representation, contact our firm today.

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