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Miami Truck Driver Negligence Lawyer

The safety of everyone on Florida’s streets and highways is dependent on truck and heavy equipment drivers’ skills and experience. However, the profitability of a trucking company or subcontractor depends on moving loads quickly and reliably. Unfortunately, the pressures of a running a trucking, transport or other business sometimes leads to cutting corners and making poor decisions.

If you have been seriously injured or tragically lost a family member in a trucking accident, we at Freidin Brown, P.A. want to help. You can depend on our Miami truck driver negligence lawyers for an informed case evaluation, free of charge. All of our legal services are provided at no upfront fees because we work on contingency, which means you pay nothing until we win your case. If, for some reason, we can’t obtain a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf, you’ll owe us nothing.

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Establishing Liability through Extensive Investigation

Determining fault, liability, and damages in a trucking accident case often involves a very thorough investigation to explore and resolve questions such as:

  • Was the driver of the 18-wheeler, semi, construction vehicle or other commercial vehicle properly trained and sufficiently experienced to handle the rig safely?
  • Were federal and state trucking regulations, including those on background-checking the safety records and criminal histories of drivers, violated?
  • Had the driver exceeded the legal limits for time on the road, resulting in driver fatigue and errors endangering others, or was he/she under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Might the trucking accident have been caused by inattentive driving, such as driving while talking on a cell phone, texting, or entering data into on-board equipment resulting in driving inattention?
  • Was faulty equipment or improper maintenance a factor in the accident?

Experienced Miami Truck Accident Lawyers Pursuing Maximum Financial Compensation

Your decision to work with Freidin Brown, P.A. after a trucking accident means you can depend on caring personal attention, honesty, and diligence from your lawyer. Wherever in Florida your crash occurred, from Orange County in Central Florida to our home-base southern counties surrounding Florida, we are here to help. Contact us for assistance in South Florida.

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