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Miami Whistleblower Lawyer

Uncovering Fraud & Pursuing Justice

If you are aware that a corporation is acting fraudulently against a state or federal government, you may be able to take legal action as a private citizen to put a stop to deceitful activities and help the government collect what it is owed. In doing so, you may be entitled to collect up to 30% of any financial recovery made by the government as a result of your insider information.

The federal government enacted the False Claims Act in 1863, and several states have passed similar measures to stop fraudulent conduct and protect the government and whistleblowers against dishonest and retaliatory activities. These laws also incentivize those with insider information to become whistleblowers and report fraud through whistleblower lawsuits – sometimes called “qui tam” actions.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., our Miami whistleblower lawyers have successfully represented whistleblowers who have uncovered fraudulent schemes against the government and have recovered millions on behalf of the government. If your whistleblower lawsuit is successful, you may be eligible to share in a portion of the government’s financial recovery. Generally, this share can be between 15% and 30% of the money recovered by the government, but the specific amount varies greatly depending on the facts of each case. Freidin Brown, P.A. regularly partners with Guttman, Buschner & Brooks, a firm of nationally-recognized lawyers who focus their entire practice on pursuing justice for frauds committed against the government.

Whistleblower Rights and Protections

In enacting False Claims Act laws, the federal government and several states encourage private citizens to blow the whistle on activities that cheat the government. Federal and state agencies regularly rely on information from whistleblowers to enforce compliance with the law. Often, whistleblowers take action to unmask fraud at great personal or professional risk to themselves, particularly when a whistleblower exposes the wrongful conduct of his or her employer.

At Freidin Brown, P.A. we know these decisions are not made lightly, and we work to ensure that whistleblowers receive every protection against discrimination and retaliation available under the law.

  • Until and unless a court orders otherwise, the government’s whistleblower investigations are conducted confidentially.
  • Lawyer-client privilege prevents a whistleblower’s lawyer from disclosing any information about the case – not even the whistleblower’s identity.
  • A whistleblower who experiences discrimination or retaliation for her lawful efforts to expose fraud may be eligible for compensation and other remedies.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., we work hard to make sure our whistleblower clients are fully advised of their rights, responsibilities, and remedies before, during, and after bringing a lawsuit under the False Claims Act. If you have information about a possible fraud against the government, contact us today for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL initial consultation.

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Medicare, Medicaid, and other government healthcare programs account for large amounts of annual federal spending. As healthcare expenses continue to increase, the resources and time that are consumed by making payments and processing claims leave less time and resources available for verifying claims. As a result, Medicare and Medicaid often pay submitted claims without time to investigate them for fraud. This has led to nationwide fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid claims, and South Florida has become known as “ground zero” for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Because minimal amounts of resources are available to investigate fraudulent claims, the government must depend on private parties to report fraud. If you are aware of fraudulent Medicare or Medicaid claims that have been submitted, you may be able to file a qui tam suit under the False Claims Act. Because you are providing assistance to the government, the law can protect you from retaliation and provide you with monetary incentives.

In 2017, Freidin Brown, P.A. lawyers recovered millions for the United States Government after their client, a doctor at a medical clinic in Florida, came forward with allegations of “upcoding” and fraudulent claims submitted to Medicare under the Medicare Advantage (Part C) program.

Florida Whistleblower Video FAQ

View some of our Florida whistleblower videos below or visit our Florida whistleblower FAQ page.

Contact Our Experienced Miami Whistleblower Lawyers Today

Whistleblower lawsuits must be initiated in accordance with all applicable laws in order to obtain compensation and protection under the law. If the laws are not followed exactly as written when reporting the fraud, the claim may be dismissed or the whistleblower may not be protected from discrimination or retaliation. This is why it is strongly recommended that all whistleblowers seek counsel from qualified and experience lawyers who have had success in this area of law. If you have information about a possible fraud against the government, contact our Miami whistleblower lawyers today for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation.

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