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Miami Tire Tread Separation & Blowout Lawyer

Have you or someone you love been in a car accident where a tire was a contributing factor? We’ve all heard stories about accidents caused by defective tires, and the defects are not limited to just one or two brands. Right now, there are people driving on tires that have been recalled, and they either aren’t aware of or didn’t honor the recall. Unfortunately, defective tires make it into the marketplace all the time. Our Miami tire tread seperation & blowout lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. are knowledgeable in the areas of defective tires and auto products liability.

We can:

  • Explain the law, and tell you what victims legally deserve, and what insurance companies and manufacturers are required to provide.
  • Investigate an auto accident and identify the cause, be it a defective tire, another auto products defect or another cause.
  • Fight for your rights in court, should a trial become necessary.

Tire Recalls in Recent Years

We have seen firsthand how sudden failure of a tire can cause a vehicle to lose control and either roll over or collide with other vehicles. Tire failures are especially dangerous when vehicles are traveling at high speeds. Tire failure is not limited to one specific brand or type of tire. Almost 7 million Bridgestone / Firestone tires were recalled in 2000 and 2001, however Cooper, Uniroyal, Michelin and many other brands have been found to have dangerous or defective tires that involve tread separation and other design and product defects.

Usually in auto accident cases with significant injuries, the focus is on the cause of the injury, not the cause of the accident. Typically, an auto accident lawyer’s strategy revolves around their client’s injuries and why those injuries occurred. But in potential tire failure cases, the investigation must also focus on the cause of the accident. When a tire fails and a vehicle is involved in an accident, the tire defect is often the cause.

What Causes Tire-Related Accidents?

While a tire defect may have caused the accident, it alone doesn’t usually cause the injuries. In many case, auto crashworthiness also comes into play, where there are other factors or products that contributed to the injuries. For example, a tire tread separation causes an SUV to lose control and roll over, but during the rollover, the vehicle’s roof caves in or the airbag never deploys. In those cases, a plaintiff has a tire defect case that is also a “crashworthiness” case.

Given the complexity of auto accident cases, any motor vehicle accident where tire performance may be a factor should be evaluated for a potential tire defect claim. Note that many tire failures are not traceable to a design or manufacturing defect, but some tires can and do fail because they are defective. Identifying those cases can mean the difference in what is recoverable for the plaintiff. Many law firms do not have the tire defect / auto products defect experience to dig deep and find the cause of both the accident and the injuries.

Contact Experienced Miami Tire Defect Lawyers Today

Our decades of experience with tire tread separation and defective tire cases, along with our extensive resources, will be applied to every auto accident cases. Our Florida tire defect lawyers welcome inquiries and are happy to discuss your situation with no charge for the initial consultation. Contact us at 888-677-7764 for your FREE consultation.

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