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Miami Actos Lawsuit Lawyer

Actos May Cause Bladder Cancer & Heart Failure

If you or a loved one has suffered bladder cancer or heart failure after taking Actos (pioglitazone), you may have a claim against the drug’s manufacturer. Nothing can bring back your health or your loved one, but you deserve an apology – and you deserve answers. At Freidin Brown, P.A., our Miami defective drug lawyers help injured people find answers. We hold companies accountable for manufacturing dangerous drugs.

Actos & the FDA

There are many drugs on the market that cause dangerous side effects, but to win a defective drug lawsuit, you must have proof that the drug caused your injuries. For Actos, a Type 2 Diabetes drug, the proof is in a 10-year study that linked bladder cancer to patients who have used Actos over a prolonged period of time. Other studies, including one in France, have come to the same conclusion. Actos has also been linked to an increased risk of heart failure. In response, France and Germany have banned the drug. The U.S. Government, however – via the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – simply issued a warning and recommended that health care professionals “use [Actos] with caution.” That is not enough to hold the manufacturer of Actos accountable.

Contact Experienced Florida Defective Product Lawyers Regarding Your Actos Lawsuit

When a drug that is intended to improve your quality of life destroys it, you have every right to demand answers. Together, we can take action to hold Takeda Pharmaceutical Company accountable for your injuries – and prevent others from facing what you have had to face. Put our team of defective drug lawyers on your side. Contact us to set up a FREE consultation. We handle Actos lawsuits on a contingency fee basis – there will be no fee for our services unless we recover money for you. Give us a call today to discover your rights as an injured victim.

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