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Miami Cruise Ship Disappearances Lawyer

Florida has long been the core of the cruise industry, and recent figures show that this sector will continue to surge with Ports of Miami, Everglades, and Tampa leading the way. It’s no wonder why millions of tourists flock to cruise vacations, considering the massive amenities available onboard and on shore. Endless dining options, entertainment, excursions, and attractions appeal to passengers of all ages. However, the lure offered by these cities afloat conceals a darker side: An increase in the number of cruise ship disappearances under circumstances making it difficult to investigate and pursue those responsible.

If a loved one is missing after what should have been the trip of a lifetime, you may wonder about your options associated with a cruise ship disappearance. The truth is that these cases are extremely complicated for evidentiary reasons, but legal remedies are available. Our team at Freidin Brown, P.A. can assist with your claim against a cruise operator whose negligence led to your losses, so please contact our firm to set up a no-cost consultation with a Miami cruise ship disappearances lawyer. You can also check out some basic legal information.

Cruise Operators Have a Duty to Provide Security

Passenger disappearances can occur for many different reasons, but some of these incidents are directly related to the cruise company’s negligence. The operator has a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect passengers from harm, including the obligation to implement adequate security measures. The failure to meet this duty could give rise to a claim for compensation, in which you may be eligible to recover monetary damages for your losses.

Factors Behind Passenger Disappearances

To illustrate how a cruise operator may breach the duty to provide adequate security, some examples may be helpful. The company could be liable if:

  • It doesn’t properly monitor the sale and consumption of alcohol, since intoxication could lead to falling overboard or other disappearance.
  • The operator doesn’t check all railings and balcony structures to ensure they’re secure.
  • Cruise ship security neglects to respond to physical altercations and fighting.
  • The operator doesn’t install sufficient lighting and other security measures to guard against intentional and criminal acts.

What to Do if a Loved One Disappears on a Cruise Ship

You can trust our lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. to handle the legal process, but there are some tasks you can accomplish to support your claim.

  • Notify the crew about the disappearance and demand an immediate investigation.
  • File an official report regarding the passenger who disappeared.
  • Provide factual details, but don’t make any statements regarding fault.
  • Don’t sign a release or other agreement that attempts to limit the cruise company’s liability.

Rely on Our Florida Cruise Ship Disappearances Attorneys for Legal Help

To learn more about how we can assist in holding accountable those parties that were negligent in the disappearance of your loved one, please contact Freidin Brown, P.A. We can schedule a free case evaluation for you at our offices in Miami or Fort Myers, FL, or we’re happy to conduct our appointment via phone. Once we review your situation, we can advise you on how to proceed.

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