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Medical Malpractice – Surgeon Error


Client v. South Florida Plastic Surgeon – $250,000

Freidin Brown attorneys Jonathan Freidin and Lara Dabdoub successfully settled a case for the full insurance policy limits of $250,000 on behalf of their client who was left with significant bilateral scarring from a facelift performed by a South Florida plastic surgeon.

The client, Jane Doe, was referred to Jonathan Freidin by a fellow attorney after Ms. Doe sustained serious scarring from a facelift procedure.  Mr. Freidin and Ms. Dabdoub quickly retained an expert to support their case and pushed the case through the mandatory presuit process and then litigation.  Although the defendant doctor denied responsibility, Freidin Brown’s attorneys were able to obtain the full insurance policy limits only six months after filing the lawsuit.

“Plastic surgery cases are always challenging because the patient has no idea what happened during the procedure, and we only have the doctor’s word and the medical records to go by.  In this case, we built our case by process of elimination, and we showed that the only way this injury could have happened was by medical error,” said attorney Jonathan Freidin.

In many plastic surgery cases, lack of insurance coverage is a major obstacle for recovering fair compensation for an injury.  When interviewing a physician before a plastic surgery procedure, it is important to verify that he or she maintains adequate insurance coverage to cover any medical errors that may occur.  If you or a loved one experienced a serious injury as a result of a medical procedure, give our Miami medical malpractice lawyers a call at 305-371-3666.  We are available 24/7 to review your case.

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