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Attorney Jonathan Freidin Recovers $270k Personal Injury Settlement


Congratulations to attorney Jonathan Freidin, who recently recovered a $270,000 settlement on behalf of his client. The case involved a pedestrian who was struck by a security golf cart in her condominium parking lot, resulting in an ankle fracture and dislocation. “We are happy about this result for our client, who can finally have closure for this difficult ordeal she’s had to endure,” said Mr. Freidin. He added, “We found the right witnesses to crush the defense’s main theory, and we asked the right questions at the security guard’s deposition. This put us on good footing to recovery from the security guard’s employer and the property owner.”

The Freidin Brown, P.A. team was able to litigate and quickly resolve this case in Miami-Dade in less than a year. This quick turnaround for a contested premises liability case like this is a testament to the firm’s energy and dedication to it’s clients.

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