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Medical Malpractice

Philip Freidin along with co-counsel obtained a $38 million verdict for twin boys who were rendered blind due to the defendant doctor's malpractice after they were born premature. The lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. proved to a Ft. Myers jury that had the doctor properlyscreened and diagnosed the two infants, their sight would have been saved.

Medical Malpractice


Deceptive Sweepstakes Mailing

Class v. American Family Publishers (AFP) - Freidin Brown, P.A. was one of the firms representing consumers in this nationwide class action for unfair consumer trade practices which resulted in a negotiated settlement in which AFP paid $32 million settlement to compensate individuals who had been taken advantage of by the deceptive sweepstakes mailings. Miscellaneous


Negligent Care / Brain Injury

M.N. v. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital? - $12.7 million verdict for a 5-year-old child who sustained brain injury as a result of negligent care. Medical Malpractice


Sex Tape Scandal Lawsuit Against 50 Cent

Miami Woman Awarded $7 Million in Sex-Tape Lawsuit against Rapper 50 Cent - New York, NY - (24 July 2015). Today a New York City jury slammed rapper 50 Cent with a $7 million verdict in compensatory and punitive damages in favor of L. L., a South Florida mother of two.

"We are thankful to our jury who sacrificed so much. But most of all I want to express my deep admiration for my client and her amazing courage in standing tall and fighting for justice. It's not easy to take on powerful people who abuse less powerful people, but she did it. I am proud to have been part of a great team that made this happen," said Philip Freidin, lead counsel for Ms. L.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, was found by the jury to have invaded Ms. L.'s privacy and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on her in order to further his position in a made-up conflict with another rapper, Rick Ross, the father of Ms. L.'s child. The jury found that Mr. Jackson obtained, edited, and published on his website an intimate video that Ms. L. had made with her boyfriend at the time. In order to hurt Ross, Jackson superimposed himself on the original video and hurled horrendously degrading insults at Ms. L., while at the same time shrieking with laughter. The edited videotape, which was replete with Mr. Jackson's brand, went viral and had over 3 million views.

"I am extremely proud and thankful that my team helped me find the courage to stand up to a man who took advantage of and humiliated me in front of the entire world," said L.


Brain Injury

V. v. Mitsubishi - $5.8 million verdict for a burned hand and mild brain damage received by a young female passenger in an automobile accident. This was another case in which we proved that our client suffered brain injury even though no x-ray or scan showed such damage. Auto Accidents


Verdict for Accident Victim with Brain Damage

$5.8 million verdict for a burned hand and mild brain damage received by a young female passenger in an automobile accident. This was another case in which we proved that our client suffered brain injury even though no x-ray or scan showed such damage. Auto Accidents


Settlement Against a Hospital and Doctors

Freidin Brown obtained a 5.5 million settlement against a hospital and doctors in New Port Richey, Florida for the negligence of its doctors and nurses. In that case, the plaintiff, who was pregnant at the time, presented to the emergency room with a high fever and swollen face. Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses discharged the plaintiff without first determining the cause of her facial swelling and whether she had an infection. As a result, our client suffered permanent and incapacitating brain damages. In order to prove our case, we hired top medical experts in their fields to show that the doctor and nurses breached the standard of care and should never have discharged the plaintiff without first determining the cause of her symptoms. In this case, we obtained the settlement not only on behalf of the plaintiff, but also on behalf of her children, who lost the love and services of their mother as a result of the negligence.

Medical Malpractice


Verdict for Family of Drunk Driving Accident Victim

A jury awarded $5.25 million to the children of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge S. L., who was killed by a drunk driver in 2001.

On Dec. 8, 2001, L., 47, was driving his red Corvette on Krome Avenue near Homestead when a Chevy pickup truck driven by Jose Hernandez ran a stop sign at approximately 80 mph and smashed into his car, instantly killing the Judge and his passenger.

Mr. H., the defendant, had a blood alcohol rate of .232 percent, nearly three times the legal limit of .08 percent. He had just left the Coyote Bar with his passenger, R. S., who had also been drinking heavily.

Judge L., a 15-year veteran of the bench, left behind a widow, T. H., and two minor children. T. H. sued in 2002, charging H. with negligence.

H. was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The two-day civil trial started Monday, March 6. After 30 minutes of deliberations on the afternoon of March 7, the jury awarded Judge L.'s family $5.25 million.

Auto Accidents


Negligent Security

After eight years of litigation, on September 23, 2011, a Miami-Dade County jury returned a $4.78 million verdict in a negligent security case. Mrs. G. was murdered in her bedroom by an intruder who broke into the house in the early morning hours of January 6, 2003. At trial, the Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant, 50 State Security Service, Inc., was negligent in the execution of its post orders, which required that the security guards maintain a continuous mobile patrol of the neighborhood. The Plaintiff further alleged that had the security company properly performed its duties, the intruder would have been deterred and would never have attempted to enter the home.

The Defendant, 50 State Security Service, Inc., denied any wrong-doing and further called a retired FBI agent, who specialized in profiling criminals, to testify that the individual who murdered Mrs. G. was not capable of being deterred. 50 State Security Service, Inc. further alleged that if anyone was at fault it was ADT, the alarm company that protected the house, and Mrs. G. who left her bathroom window open.

Ultimately, the jury concluded that both 50 State Security Service, Inc. and ADT shared the responsibility and awarded the three surviving daughters (ages 24, 19 and 16 at the time of their mother’s death) significant damages for their pain and suffering. The jury further found that Mrs. G. was not at fault.

Premises Liability


Verdict for Family of Accident Victim

A jury awarded $3.9 million to the mother of M. V., a 33 year old woman who was killed by a drunk driver in 2001.

On September 28, 2001, M. V. was a backseat passenger in a vehicle that was rear ended while it was stopped at a traffic light by a pick up truck driven by M. H., a drunk driver.

The two-day civil trial started Monday, August 7th. After one hour of deliberations, the jury awarded Mrs. Valle $3.9 million.

Auto Accidents


Severe Arm Injury

$3.374 million verdict for a severe degloving injury to a 17 year old boy's left (non-dominant) arm.

On April 5, 2005 a Broward County jury found J.T. B. responsible for the injuries sustained by A. L.V. in a car accident. As result, the jury, made up of four women and two men awarded V. $3,374,000.00.

October 11, 2003, B., who was 17 at the time of the accident, was traveling Eastbound on Royal Palm Blvd. Just past NW 107th Avenue, BYRON made a U-turn on to the Westbound traffic and collided with the vehicle being driven by V., who was also 17 at the time of the accident. Following the impact, V.'s vehicle collided with a median causing his vehicle to overturn at least once.

As a result of the accident, V. suffered a severe degloving injury to his left (non-dominant) arm severing an artery and veins. A degloving injury is an injury in which the entire skin is torn from either a leg or arm by blunt trauma to the extremity involved. At the time of the accident, doctors feared that V. would lose his arm. Over the course of seven months, Mr. V. underwent 14 surgical procedures. However, with the assistance of concerned citizens who made homemade tourniquets to keep V. from bleeding to death at the scene, and some very talented and dedicated doctors, V. was able to keep his arm and has regained some function in the arm and hand.

(A. L.V. V. J. T. B., Broward Circuit Court, 17th Judicial Circuit, Case No. 04-4184-03).

Auto Accidents


Plane Crash

3 Victims v. 2 Companies - $3.1 million settlement for a small plane crash in Bolivia. Miscellaneous


Child Birth Death

Estate of N.C. v. Hospital & Doctors - $3 million settlement for family of woman allowed to bleed to death after child birth. Medical Malpractice


Bedsores/Elder Abuse

Estate of I.C. v. Nursing Home - $2.5 million settlement for a claim for large bedsores. Miscellaneous


Auto Accident

$2.5 million for an 18-year-old blinded in a car accident after he failed to yield at a stop sign Auto Accidents


Failure to Diagnose & Hospitalize

G. v. L.- $2.2 million verdict for the Broward family of a victim of medical malpractice resulting from a failure to diagnose and hospitalize the patient in a timely fashion based on a single phone call to the family doctor who failed to carefully listen to the patient's wife.

Medical Malpractice


Misdiagnosed & Treated

S. v. Palm Springs Hospital - $2 million verdict for the parents of a 12 year old child who died as a result of emergency room negligence. The hospital staff mistakenly believed the child's ER symptoms were drug induced. We proved they should have suspected, diagnosed and treated a brain hemorrhage, which would have saved her life. Medical Malpractice


Sexual Harassment

G. v. City of Opa Locka - $2 million verdict, plus court awarded attorneys' fees, for a victim of sexual harassment by the City Manager. This is one of the highest verdicts of its kind. Miscellaneous


Automobile Accident

A $1.9 million verdict for an auto accident victim. Our skillful presentation of damages brought this excellent verdict for a hand injury. Auto Accidents


Wrongful Death of a Child

A.L. v. A local hospital - $1.875 million settlement for wrongful death of a child as a result of negligently inserting a feeding tube. Medical Malpractice


Infant Brain Injury

L. v. B. - $1.8 million medical malpractice verdict on behalf of a brain-injured infant from Belle Glade. To our knowledge, this was the first million-dollar-plus verdict in Florida ever awarded to a Haitian. Medical Malpractice


Security Wrongful Death

Estate of L.G. v. Security Company - $1.8 million settlement for a case against a security company for the wrongful death of the mother of three teenage girls when their house alarm did not work and the mother was killed in her bedroom by an intruder. The defense claimed that its damages under its contract were limited to $500.00. Premises Liability


Settlement Against a Large Hospital and Several Doctors

Freidin Brown obtained a settlement for $1.595 million against a large hospital and several doctors in Martin County, Florida for failing to timely diagnose and properly treat our client’s spinal condition (spinal epidural abscess). As a result of the defendants’ negligence, the plaintiff became paralyzed from the waist down. In proving our case, we hired medical experts in multiple fields to show that the doctors and nurses fell below the standard of care in failing to diligently monitor the patient’s condition, recognize neurological deterioration, and communicate abnormal findings to the medical team, and that the patient’s condition could have been prevented. We also showed that the doctors failed to appreciate the patient’s neurological status, and should have ordered an MRI on a “STAT” or emergency basis.

Medical Malpractice


Sexual Assault

J.W., a minor v. School in South Florida - $1.5 million jury verdict for a minor female student who was a minor at a South Florida school for injuries she sustained when she was sexually attacked by classmates.

On May 17, 2005 a Dade County jury awarded a minor female student at Heritage Schools of Florida $1,500,000.00 for injuries she sustained when she was attacked by classmates.

The teacher responsible for the supervision of the minor female and the classmates negligently abandoned the classroom prior to the incident.

On or about November 6, 2002, during class time, the teacher employed by defendant school left the classroom to which the minor child was assigned and remained outside for several minutes. In the absence of the teacher, the minor students were left unsupervised for an unspecified period of time. During this time several students attacked the minor plaintiff forcibly restraining her movement and touching her body, including on or about her private parts, against her will and in an offensive manner.

(J.W. a minor vs. Heritage Schools of Florida, Inc., Miami-Dade County Florida, Circuit Court, 11th Judicial Circuit, Case No. 03-12683 CA 06)



Trucking Accident

Auto Accidents


Brain Injury

C.M. v. Hospital - $1.4 million settlement in presuit for a 71-year-old male who was improperly intubated after suffering a cardiac arrest after undergoing a carotid endarterectomy. C.M. was left with brain damage and a very short life expectancy. This quick settlement allows the family to provide C.M. with the care he will need for the rest of his life. Medical Malpractice


Auto Accident

D.G. vs. Rental Car company - for wrongful death of a mother of two in an auto accident Auto Accidents


Car Crash/Brain Damage

$1.2 million verdict for the victim of a car crash which was one of the highest verdicts ever in the state of Maine. We proved that our client had suffered mild brain damage which did not appear on x-ray or scan. Auto Accidents


Security Guard Injury

D. v. Eagle Army-Navy - $1.2 million verdict for a store customer who was pistol-whipped on the head by a security guard. Our client was only momentarily dazed and walked away. Three months later, he suffered a stroke. The defense used conventional medical evidence to vehemently argue against there being a connection between the blow and the stroke three months later. Freidin Brown, P.A. prevailed with evidence that convinced the jury that the injury was caused by the act of the guard. Premises Liability


Carbon Monxide Poisoning

C. v. Metro-Dade - $1.1 million verdict for a customs worker who suffered brain injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty air conditioning system at Miami International Airport. Through tireless investigation, we obtained evidence that revealed that the airport had carelessly located the fresh air conditioning intake units in the lower drive pickup area, which was a ready source of carbon monoxide. Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


Car Accident

M.J.S. v. Various Companies - $1.075 million settlement for death of man when his car ran off the road and hit a tree negligently planted in a median. Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


Medical Malpractice

M. v. P. - $1 million medical malpractice verdict for the parents of an 18-year-old girl from Stuart who, after being hit by a drunk driver and severely fracturing her leg, died from a blood clot. We proved that the clot should have been prevented by her doctors.

Medical Malpractice


Medical Malpractice

P.B. vs. Hospital - $1 million for mother of child who died as a result of medical negligence Medical Malpractice


Medical Negligence

B. v. Plantation General - $1 million settlement for mother of child who died as a result of medical negligence. Medical Malpractice


Failure to Treat Child

G.B. v. A Local Hospital - $1 million settlement for wrongful death of a child as a result of medical negligence in failing to diagnose meningitis. Medical Malpractice


Settlement for Bus Accident Victim

$1 million settlement for the parents of a 35-year-old single man killed by a bus while riding his bicycle on Miami Beach. Auto Accidents


Personal Injury

E.M. v. Her doctor & hospital Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


Nursing Home

R.W. vs. Nursing Home - for the family of a victim of nursing home neglect Nursing Home


Nursing Home Neglect

F.L. v. Nursing Home - $930,000 settlement for the family of a victim of nursing home neglect. Miscellaneous


Failure to Diagnose & Treat Cancer

Estate of L.A. v. USA - $900,000 settlement in a wrongful death case against the Federal Bureau of Prisons for failure to timely diagnose and treat colorectal cancer. Medical Malpractice


Wrongful Death

Estate of S.S. & S.S. vs. WJV Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


Auto Accident

M.D. and S.L. vs. Car Driver - For two Belgian citizens injured in Orlando in a car crash Auto Accidents


Plane Crash

Estate of F.O. v. Airline Company & General Motors Corp - $827,000.00 settlement for the death of co-pilot resulting from airplane crash on take-off. Miscellaneous


Failure to Treat Stroke

A.W. v. Doctor & Hospital - $825,000 settlement in medical malpractice for failure to properly treat stroke. Medical Malpractice


Infant Prenatal Injuries

T.S., a minor v. R.S. M.D. & Hospital - $800,000 settlement for an infant who sustained prenatal injuries. Medical Malpractice


Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Freidin Brown obtained a $750,000 settlement against a large Florida Hospital and Radiology Group for failing to identify and follow up on imaging results that should have alerted her treatment providers to the possible presence of cancer. As a result of the failure to properly interpret the CT Scans, our client did not receive timely follow up or a timely diagnosis of her cancer, which was not discovered until it had advanced to Stage IV. By retaining several key experts and uncovering the necessary evidence, our team was able to show that our client’s condition could have been prevented if her treatment providers had provided appropriate care and treatment.

Medical Malpractice


Medical Negligence

$730,000 settlement with the Public Health Trust (PHT) and Miami-Dade County in a case stating that the failure of medical staff to provide Pascual Diaz-Plasencia with necessary treatment resulted in his kidney failure and eventual loss of that kidney. Medical Malpractice


Patient Death

Estate of B.S. v. Hospital - $700,000.00 settlement for an ER patient left unattended with no medical care which resulted in his death. Medical Malpractice


Restaurant Parking Lot Injury

R.S. v. Denney's - $700,000 settlement against the restaurant for a woman mugged and injured in the eatery's parking lot. Premises Liability


Premises Liability

M.S. vs. Management Co. - $650,000 for injuries to a womans leg resulting from slipping on a pool deck at her apartment complex Premises Liability


Scooter & Automobile Accident/Head & Leg Injuries

A $640,587 jury verdict for the victim of a scooter/automobile accident who suffered a broken right femur which required surgery and the placement of a rod in his leg, and a fractured right orbit which also required surgery and the placement of a plate and screws in his head.

MIAMI, Fla.- On August 22, 2004, R. A. was driving his scooter on N.W. 59th street in Broward County when he collided with motorist M. S. who was backing up his vehicle. Mr. S. and his insurance company sued Mr. A. for vehicle damage sustained in the accident. Mr. A. filed a counterclaim against Mr. Saavedra and a jury found Mr. S. 100% liable and awarded $640,587.

As a result of the accident, Mr. A. suffered a broken right femur which required surgery and the placement of a rod in his leg, and a fractured right orbit which also required surgery and the placement of a plate and screws in his head. Mr. A. also now suffers from migraine headaches.

The jury found that Mr. S. was 100% liable and ruled in favor of Mr. A. on January 25, 2008, in Circuit Court in and for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County. The Honorable J. T. L. presided.

Auto Accidents


Car Accident/Head Trauma

A $615,000 jury verdict after our client who sued her insurance company for damages caused by an underinsured motorist arising from a car accident in which the plaintiff suffered closed head trauma not proved on an x-ray. Auto Accidents


Premises Liability

Freidin Brown reached a $500,000 settlement for a client who suffered a trip and fall at a Miami restaurant. Our trial team accepted the case after it had already been pending for many years in state court. In only six months after being retained, we were able to double the value of the case for our client by aggressively retaining top-tier experts and assembling the necessary evidence to show that the restaurant’s premises were unsafe and did not meet code.

Premises Liability


Walmart Premises Liability

J. M. v. Wal-Mart Stores East, L. P. Case NO. 09-CA-004964 - Judge J. F., Lee County, Florida. Walmart admitted liability but denied that Mrs. M. suffered a permanent injury. The parties stipulated to past medical expenses of $21,400.77 and the jury awarded $150,000 in past pain and suffering and $250,000 in future pain and suffering.

At trial the Plaintiff asked for total pain and suffering damages of $300,000-$500,000 and the Defendant argued that the jury should award Mrs. M. $5,000 to $10,000 in past pain and suffering, only.

Premises Liability


Medical Malpractice

G.M. vs. Hospital - $490,000 for pain and suffering for development of a pressure ulcer in a patient who died from unrelated causes Medical Malpractice


Car Accident

Boykins Auto Accidents


Racial Discrimination

L.N. vs. Car dealership - $475,000 for racial discrimination at a car dealership Miscellaneous


Nursing Home

Estate of V.C. v. nursing home - Pressure ulcer developed by nursing home resident who was in a coma Nursing Home


Auto Accident

D.K. vs. airline - Flight attendant injured in auto accident Auto Accidents


Separation Agreement

E.D. vs. Venture Capital - $400,000 negotiated a separation agreement for a member of a hedge fund Miscellaneous


Sexual Harassment

A.R. vs Cruise Lines - $350,000 for a 15-year-old girl sexually attacked by a cruise ship crew member Miscellaneous


Table Falls from 10th Floor

Freidin Brown obtained a $350k settlement against the condominium association of a Miami apartment building after a metal table fell off the 10th floor pool deck and hit our client, causing severe neck and back injuries, and requiring a cervical fusion. In reaching this settlement, we demonstrated that our client, a well-known artist in the community, was unable to continue to create art at the same level as before the accident. Further, we conducted an investigation of the apartment building and found witnesses to testify that this was not the first time pool furniture fell off the pool deck, and that the building was on notice of this unsafe condition. One witness we located reported that he regularly saw building personnel picking up lounge cushions from the street. We also hired an expert meteorologist to testify as to the wind conditions on the pool deck, and that the unsafe condition was foreseeable because of the high wind speeds on the pool deck.

Premises Liability


Nursing Home

Estate of Z.R. vs. ALF - Resident of assisted living facility who fell and suffered a subdural hematoma Nursing Home


Wrongful Termination of Employment

O.I. v. Building Solutions Company - The Fourth District Court of Appeal entered its order approving a $329,838.46 arbitration award on an age discrimination case. The award compensates O.I. for being improperly discharged from his employment due to his age, and further awarded him attorneys fees for succeeding in this action. Miscellaneous


Food Poisoning

F. vs. B.I. Restaurant - $325,000 settlement after jury verdict for injuries because of ciguatera poisoning from a grouper Miscellaneous


Sexual Harassment

M.S. vs. Music company - $260,000 for a plaintiff who claimed she was sexually harassed and ultimately fired by her immediate supervisor Miscellaneous


Nursing Home

J.S. vs. Hospital - Pre-suit settlement for hospital bed sores

Nursing Home


P. v. Prudential

In P. v. Prudential , we secured an appellate opinion that insurance companies are always required to make good faith settlement offers even in the absence of a request or demand from the plaintiff. This case made it easier for all injured plaintiffs to recover damages against insurance companies.

Medical Malpractice - Confidential

Negligent Performance of Podiatric Surgery

Freidin Brown reached a confidential settlement for a client related to the negligent performance of podiatric surgery. Our trial team worked with both experts in the field as well as the client’s subsequent treating surgeons to obtain a successful recovery.

Medical Malpractice

Miscellaneous - Confidential

Plane Crash

M.B. v. American Airlines - confidential settlement for the parents of a young woman killed in an airline crash in South America. Miscellaneous

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death - Confidential

Slip & Fall Injury

L.S. v. Delivery Company - our client was standing in the lobby of her Bal Harbor, Florida condominium talking to the concierge when a delivery man ran into the lobby carrying four boxes in his arms. Because the boxes covered his view, the delivery man did not see our client and thus he ran into her and barreled her into the ground.

As a result of this accident, our client suffered a severe injury to her pelvis which required hospitalization, and then treatment at a residential rehabilitation facility. Our client eventually returned home with the need for home health care.

The attorneys at Freidin Brown, P.A. were able to obtain a successful, confidential settlement for the plaintiff which fairly compensated her for her medical bills and her pain and suffering as a result of her injuries.

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


S. v. H.B.A. Management

In S. v. H.B.A. Management , Inc. our advocacy established the right of plaintiffs' attorneys to contact and speak with the former employees of a defendant nursing home while preparing for trial. Although this was a nursing home case, it created a critical trial preparation tool for plaintiff attorneys against all defendant corporations. Before we won this ruling, plaintiffs could only learn what ex-employees knew by taking costly and time consuming depositions and only after they were debriefed by defense counsel.

Auto Accidents - Confidential

Settlement for Injured Driver

Confidential settlement for airbag injuries to a woman driver. Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents - Confidential

Settlement for Motorcycle Victim

A Doral resident was riding his motorcycle on S.W. 8th Street when a European tourist driving a rental car made a left turn in front of him and severed his left leg. As a result of the accident our client, who worked as a stage hand for commercial shoots, lost his leg and was unable to continue working.

During the course of the litigation, the defendant driver and the car rental agency alleged that our client was speeding and driving in the wrong lane. Freidin Brown, P.A. hired an accident reconstructionist and a motorcycle expert and convinced the car rental agency that our client was not at fault in the accident.

Based on the testimony of the two experts Freidin Brown, P.A. was able to obtain an out-of-court confidential settlement which provided our client with some justice for the loss of his leg.

Auto Accidents


G. v. Walt Disney World

In G. v. Walt Disney World , we obtained a multi-million dollar jury verdict in Orlando, Florida, for the parents of a 4-year-old child who drowned at Disney World. This case solidified the responsibility that amusement parks have to their patrons to provide a safe environment. This case was resisted with all the might of the Disney Corporation through two trials and four appeals over nine years of litigation. It ultimately resulted in payment of the highest jury award ever entered against any Disney park to that date, and was the subject of national news coverage.

Miscellaneous - Confidential

Defective Product

In the trial of West v. Caterpillar , we successfully broke new ground on a novel point in the Florida Supreme Court by establishing the doctrine of Strict Product Liability in Florida. As a result of our case, consumers and bystanders injured by defective products were for the first time able to hold the manufacturer or seller of such products liable without proof of negligence. This 1975 decision permanently changed the law in Florida in favor of persons injured by unsafe products and is studied in Florida's law schools. Miscellaneous

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death - Confidential

Assisted Living Facility

O.W. v. Assisted Living Facility - our client, a 74-year-old woman, was a resident at a Miami-Dade County Assisted Living Facility (ALF). At the time of her admission to the ALF, our client was known to be a paranoid schizophrenic requiring anti-psychotic medication to reduce the effects of the schizophrenia, particularly delusions and hallucinations. Unfortunately, the facility failed to provide our client with appropriate medications and psychiatric care causing her to suffer from psychotic episodes which rendered her helpless to control hallucinations, delusions, fits of rage and aggression.

On the last day of her admission, our client suffered from an uncontrolled psychotic rage, which caused the facility to call the police. In attempting to control our client, the police injured her eye, arrested her and had her put in jail.

The attorneys at Freidin Brown, P.A. persuaded the trial court that the Assisted Living Facilities actions warranted a claim for punitive damages. Soon after the court granted our client leave to amend her complaint to add a claim for punitive damages, the defendant agreed to settle the case and compensate our client for her injuries and her pain and suffering.

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Medical Malpractice - Confidential

Confidential Resolution

KG v. Hospital - a 15-year-old Kendall resident was admitted to a Miami-Dade County hospital for heart surgery. Although the surgery went well, the next morning it was discovered that a pulmonary clamp had not been removed. Although emergency surgery was performed to remove the clamp, the young girl had suffered irreparable damage to her lungs and other internal organs. Sadly, she died leaving behind two grieving parents and three brothers and sisters.

The attorneys at Freidin Brown, P.A. were able to obtain a quick confidential resolution of the case to allow the parents of this young girl to obtain justice on her behalf.

Medical Malpractice

Premises Liability - Confidential

Confidential Slip & Fall Settlement

R.A. v. Condominium - our client, a Coconut Grove real estate agent, arrived by car at a Hallandale, Florida condominium. She stepped up on the curb and walked around towards the back of her car to take out some items from the trunk. Unfortunately, the condominium and its security company negligently placed the floor mat over the curb in a manner that made it appear as if it was on solid ground instead of hanging over the edge of the curb. Our client, stepped on the mat, tripped and fractured her ankle in three places.

As a result of the accident, our client had to undergo emergency surgery and many months of rehabilitation. She now also suffers from lower back pain as a result of her altered gait.

Freidin Brown, P.A. was able to obtain a successful confidential settlement from the condominium and its security company to compensate our client for her medical expenses and her pain and suffering as a result of her slip and fall.

Premises Liability

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death - Confidential

Cruise Ship Injury

K.L. v. Commercial Cruise Ship - K.L., a seaman aboard a commercial cruise vessel, injured his hand when it got caught on an improperly designed and maintained water maker. Freidin Brown, P.A. sued the vessel owner under the Jones Act and for Unseaworthiness as well as the manufacturer of the water maker alleging that the manufacturer had negligently designed the water maker and the vessel owner improperly maintained the unit.

Freidin Brown, P.A. was able to obtain confidential settlements from the vessel owner and the manufacturer for the injuries the seaman sustained to his hand.

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Premises Liability - Confidential

Cruise Ship Premises Liability

M.C. v. Cruise Ship - our client was a passenger on a cruise ship based out of Miami Florida. While attempting to get a drink at one of the restaurant's beverage stands, our client slipped on water that had accumulated on the marble floor. As a result of the fall, our client injured his knee (torn meniscus) and lower back which ultimately required surgery. Our client claimed that as a result of the injury he continues to suffer from both knee and back pain.

The attorneys at Freidin Brown, P.A. were able to obtain a successful confidential settlement to reimburse the Plaintiff for his medical bills as well as his pain and suffering.

Premises Liability

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death - Confidential

Woman Injured on Disney Ride

N.W. v. Walt Disney - confidential settlement for a woman injured on the Body Wars ride. Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


W. v. Priest

In W. v. Priest , we established important pretrial discovery rules requiring defendant doctors to disclose their opinions about their own conduct and that of their colleagues. This case helped break down the so-called "conspiracy of silence" among doctors.

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