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What Foods Are Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning?

It may seem like as consumers, there’s little if anything we can do to avoid getting one of the nasty and sometimes potentially dangerous foodborne illnesses like E. coli ir salmonella. However, some types of food have a greater chance of causing illness than others.

One noted food safety lawyer who has represented plaintiffs in food poisoning cases against restaurants and food manufacturers says that there are certain types of food that he avoids eating completely because of their risk of containing bacteria.

While some people have embraced raw diets, in fact raw foods and beverages can be dangerous. In particular, the lawyer says he avoids raw sprouts, milk and eggs. He also says that raw shellfish can carry dangerous bacteria from the water that was once these creatures’ home.

Studies have found that unpasteurized juices as well as ciders can also pose a risk to your health. Many people are avid juicers, making their own juices from scratch. However, even if you wash the fruit, that will only reduce the bacteria and germs that are on the peel — not remove them entirely.

Sometimes cooking certain foods properly can make the difference between getting sick and not. Eggs, meat and seafood should also be properly cooked. Cooked sprouts, unlike raw ones, should pose no danger.

If you or a family member get food poisoning or a food-related illness, don’t just assume that it was due to something that you did wrong in the preparation. The food itself may be contaminated. Further, if you’re eating in a restaurant, you have the right to assume that the food was prepared properly and not subjected to any unsanitary conditions.

Many cases of contaminated food items only come to light because people report illnesses. Florida personal injury lawyers who are experienced in food safety issues can advise you if you believe that someone should be held accountable for a foodborne illness.

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